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Austin bombing event i track the bomber down and i sent his location to the fbi and the austin police department and then i cc'd the the captain of the police department and pflueger ville texas where i pinpointed the guy said hey this guy's right down the street from your police station and all that all the documentation including the the acknowledgement from the fbi and austin police is on my is in my remote viewing forum area the original messages so you can see it archive anyway that on the next day they're facing the public was revealed police chief saying that her town that you know they catch you the austin bomber well prior to that i had started work on the east area rapist and the detractors person down i chose one of his victims and i look for for that victims murderer that's one of the one of the protocols we use and lo and behold after about a week of work i i find it this guy's would live unlike the killer which will talk talk about a moment this guy's alive and he's living in my hometown right down a couple of miles from where i live in california so just like i did with the austin bomber and the fbi was requesting help from the public so and they know me well and i'm the public so i sent them i told them i said this guy's houses near me and i i've got his address and his name and all those things i sent it to the fbi and i.

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