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The town's, but sit there with a big map and just throw darts censeo pay. They're going to be Jackson one night, then they're going gonna be in Houston. Then they'll be in Tulsa, then we'll have him go down to Baton Rouge. Yeah. Then the Dallas I mean it was it was long trips long threats or were usually travel that time with Eddie. Well, no, I was traveling with Johnny at I need, Johnny were together. And we used to travel with women gang. As a matter of fact. I love travelling, because his wife would cook sandwich sandwiches Israeli called sandwiches for Anna REEs derived with one man gang a lot of the time that was great. That was some Nelson fun times. And but yeah we should just reset the travel. I mean we've fly a little bit like he would give you a Valter or one hundred eighty dollars to fly to get toll for the for the TV KP every two weeks, where out of Baton Rouge or wherever, and you could do that, or you just take the money in, in drive it. You know about life on the road because this is you're talking eighty six right? Eighty six eighty seven or some you've been a year year and a half, two years in the business. And for Jesus Christ. Here's the thing you started when you're twenty one tonight, you're twenty three years, still a pup. So this has got to be just like our plenty games me. It was often a games until our journey. Hit my ass every night about one is how, how did Dr journey get introduced back in the day because as I was a fan of this, you'd I forgot her introduction, and our her liaison or a relationship with Dickey's later. Yeah, he had a relationship ridiculous later in Dickey broader, and, and then she ended up staying in Dickey left. And so then they had her manage missing light the scene likely to go up against me. Okay. Now as you were. Feuding with sunshine. He was taking you under her wing. I'll have chemistry and you go and to you wwl and it's dark journey, and she's pretty tough lady. Let me tell you. He beat my ass every single night, I would go out because I could never that was always tilt phone ever cry the dressing room, don't ever let them. See you cry. So I was hold on that Johnny, Johnny n n n Michael Hayes. Michael Hayes is Michael Hayes. We should travel with Michael warm water. Yeah. The they told me never let them. See you cry. I used to go out and just cry. Go get in the car in this cry. Because my knees hurt when she broke my thumb. She must've might TME my nose a main. She just she would hear the crowd screaming, you know visit has so much heat screaming, and she would just found the living frat outta me. And I'll never forget Colfer, he would laughing because my hair's were not exotic bald spot in the back of my head from her. Mike pool in my hair, and everything in like the boys, used to come out to watch us because they like, bitches urban five. You're gonna watch because they're gonna call tried soon many times going over to. Allege. Jake's, dad grizzard. Yeah. Grizzlies house in trying to show look when when we're when you Grammy by my hair, I'm going to grab your wrists now. Let me show, you what to do, and she it, it didn't matter. We would do like in fact then because TV tape in was every two weeks. We would do the same match in the towns around the and we have the same finish shouldn't say match. We'd have one thing like, okay, I've Pula leg. She chases me around to ring post I rolled and she rose in she doesn't get a hold of me. She almost gets me. I roll out every night. She screwed it up. I wouldn't pull a leg. She just start chasing me out of nowhere or either. I pull the leg. She wouldn't chase me or either. I roll in she'd role in beat my ass in giambra have to pull the I mean every it was like I, I don't understand this girl. What does she not get because I mean, they used to come to mate, and they would just say, hey, this is what you're gonna do. Blah, blah, blah, blah, and they'd walk away..

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