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Where it's 66 Alright. Breaking news this hour out of Capitol Hill, pushed by Democrats to rewrite election and voting rights laws on the national level, has justice stalled in the Senate. That vote tonight, just wrapping up straight down the middle 50 Democrats voting for it. 50 Republicans voting No to start debate on that, for the people at this was expected. Democrats were not expected to get the 60 votes necessary to block a filibuster. We have a special report coming up in the news at 6 30. To be sure to stay with us now, Tattoo parlors were some of the many businesses that had to innovate during the pandemic to keep people safe. Parlor in Everett now says it plans to keep some practices in place for years to come. Joe Hamilton is one of the artists at the Moselle custom Tattoo and piercing Salon and Everett. They've been around for two decades, and he tells me one pandemic era practice they're going to keep is the limitation on the number of customers allowed in the place At one time, he says. It brings back a little bit of intimacy. He's not as hurried now. Something that normally takes me maybe 20 minutes. Don't mind it being 40 minutes because I focused more on what I'm doing. I have no pressure. I can build a little bit better, um, communication and rapport. With my client. One thing we learned during the pandemic is what reality feels like when it slows down and some of that is not a bad thing. Carl Stevens WBC Boston's news radio over U Mass. Boston, The Hildreth Institute has come up with a plan to revolutionize the college loan repayment process. According to the Boston Business Journal tonight. The partnership wants to establish no interest college debt payment plans. That use pension fund principles. The goal here is to make the payoff a longer term agreement with the payments coming in as little as $50 a month. Alright, 6 27. If you are a wing lover, you have been shelling out quite a bit these days for a good wing meal. But why bother with wings when you can have a thigh instead? Wingstop, the Texas based chicken wing chain is for the time being calling itself Fi stop. You know you want that sauce and toss Wingstop were flavor gives wings from wholesalers have surged in price. So the changes, hoping customers will order crispy chicken thighs instead of traditional chicken wings. The CEO says the price of a pound of wings has risen from 98 cents a year ago. 23 22 today Wingstop says the new virtual thigh stop brand has a menu that's largely the same. Matt Piper. CBS News Alright, A voting rights bill stalled tonight in the Senate that vote just wrapping up. We've got a special report coming up from ABC News in just about two minutes. Stay with us with double the season beef and a large drink all for $5. Taco Bell's grand A nachos truly deserves a grand intro, perhaps with a grand a beat, Box said It's crunchy, cheesy beat. Actually, that sounded better in my head. Go get the $5 grand.

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