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DNF so did Charlie nesbitt and well, there was a big kerfuffle in I think others on the start of that first race second race, sorry. Peter hickman crashed out of halloran and Josh Owens as well. That was in race number two and race three gleno in one Leon haslam second in Karl Ryan in third Tommy bridewell in fourth Josh Brooks Peter. Jackson, Andrew Owen, Jason o'halloran, rounding out the top ten stops, Stacy, just in 11th. And yeah, overall a good weekend, Lewis, I would say, could be. Yeah, good weekend race to, as you said, there was a lot of drama start happening, crashed at the first corner, it was always on fault and he didn't collect Taylor one luckily, but he got a great start initial launch and then yeah, he just took the front that term one and they saw the way and Josh Owens a JSON how them also involved in their own incident Jason Howard and to make an ambitious move anyway and then waking up the two riders, but yeah, great. We can the BSB close race and a lot of manufacturers involved that's exactly what we love to see in the championship and there's not really one pair in which you could completely put all your money on at the moment, although the lights all, for example, Josh Brooks and the two PBM boys definitely look very, very consistent. At this point in the season, but now we're starting to see the likes of Andrew and then the Honda creeping at the order. So heading into dawn and it's really going to be a question of who's going to be strongest because we've seen all the manufacturers really, really strong at dawn in the past couple of years. Yeah, well talking about the championship in particular Glenn Irwin leading in the championship on 91 points just four points behind him and don't forget the points system is different this year with us losing the showdown. Forgot the top of my head. I'm still getting around it. But yeah, 18 points for a win, that's right, isn't it? Yes. So Glen Owens leading 18 points for a win and Josh Brooks four points behind game in second tied on second place. Is Tommy bridewell. In third place in the championship or joint second, really, then Leon haslam is only 8 11 points off the lead of the championship. So he's right there, Lois. He is right right there. Karl riding 5th Andrew Irwin in 7th Jack Kennedy in 8th, Lee Jackson knife and Danny Kent in the championship at the moment is in tenth place. Wow. So yeah, slightly different points leading to a much closer initial bit of championship. Yeah, yeah, exactly. And everyone's quick at the moment and BSB. I mean, it's so, so great to see so many fans there as well. It's so popular at the moment. And no wonder why we're getting some great racing. And here in to Donna in park, as you mentioned, championship so close, the likes of Liam haslam. It would be great to see him finally once again after a tough past couple of seasons as even last year in BSP, it was a really tough year from. So yeah, and hopefully something apart we could see another surprise and we could see maybe even some of the writers up the order. We could see max cook getting better as the season progresses. Jack Kennedy's already ruled the super bike teams that don't impact that's where we made this debut well that's been the made this jump back to be as last season with the team. So with the march train team, so he might even have a good ride at Don and park with slightly more experience under his belt. So we're just gonna have to wait and see head and into the park, what's gonna happen, of course, Danny buchan coming back. So the championship at the moment is still wide open and certainly the likes of the catties look pretty strong at the moment as well. So even the likes of Carol ride, of course, he was going well so well last year. He went well at Silverstone. A quiet around to think it's fair to say, but still not a bad threat. He was still up there on the podium in the final race. So Kyle Wright could even fight for championship. We got to wait and find out. I mean, it's so hard to call and storm Stacey on this one lap, and we could even see a special result. This weekend, slightly under the radar, Jason Howell Randy didn't really have that great of a weekend himself, of course, crashed and raised to it, as we said, and finished an intent. And then race free. So no, he would be wanting. Tim neve, down in 18th possession and race three as well. So McCann's a quiet weekend for them and you have to wonder when their seasons got properly start and then they'll be back at the front because we've seen them fast at Silverstone. So Donna and park could be a completely different story. Interesting, okay? Well, yeah, let's see what happens. At the next round. In a couple of weeks, three weeks, two weeks, two, three, two, and three weeks after 20, 21st of May. Yeah. Is the week before then we're doing the fab. Yes. Which is next week. Not this week. Anyway, yeah, okay, so moving on, then talking about the British super sport and GP two championship, two races over the weekend. And yeah, the sprint race on the Sunday. So Tom booth Amos went in that one from Richard Cooper and Luke Jones and Joe Collier GP two winner in that one. Harry Rowland's second and the cup. When I forget there's a cup so I'm riders, but yeah, Tom tons still taking the honors in the cope. In that one. So yeah, that's what happened in race number one, the sprint race two, the feature race, Luke stapleford, winning the race, Richard Cooper in his second Ben curry on the podium in third place, some booth Amos in fourth. And Joel Collier winning GP two, the highest GP two finisher and Tom Thomas doll highest cop. Place classification finisher. So overall super sports races did you have much time to watch those yesterday?

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