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Just able to appreciate the greatness of nolan are not oh and giving up a home run to him i didn't know that that this was a clip that was going around time now every grand slam sort of goes around as a clip but i didn't know every so often walked clipping maybe on the only person who noticed that and i guess i was the only person who noticed that lowers just kind of standing there in the men smiling just thinking like the best day of life and also to to nobody's credit but as difficult as it is to open in in chorus field for one thing the rockies offense is not good secondly denver is a mile up almost exactly on the nose but eric lower had been pitching paso which has elevated three thousand seven hundred and forty feet so in a sense he was kind of acclimated to it yeah he he opened the season in las vegas which is another hitter friendly environment and you know he he only give up one home run in the minus but it's it's interesting to look at the padres pitching staff now and you've got i don't know coming into the season i don't think anyone expected the padres to be able to pitch very well and so far i don't think the padres have necessarily pitched very well but if you look at where the rotation already is like luis perdomo is not in it he's in the minors and they don't have nelson limit which is too bad but their rotation currently has eric lower and joey lucchessi and that has a somewhat rejuvenated looking tyson ross brian mitchell's terrible select the things that you would've expected to happen for the padres aren't happening but the things that you maybe wouldn't have expected to happen are happening and also while we're just talking about the padres and i know that this has nothing to do with their bullpen.

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