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Who's who's talking about you knew talking about me, right? That's right. Exactly. So we alert each other now John Schneider of the Seahawks anybody anybody ever thought that you were actually the John Schneider to my right. Has that ever happened to you? Actually would when I started the league checking into hotels and stuff like that, you know, you know the courtyards and that sort of stuff at schools going to school calls, people would be like you're not related to the real, the real John Schneider. Wow, wow. That's about that's about it. But more people would be like, hey, okay, if I, you know, you know, if I call you Bo, I was a huge. Hell my gosh, I love that. I love that. I did. I had some people think I was used. I think I took up like you are Super Bowl architect. Is that what you're she thought? Yeah, it was. It's it's interesting what people think that just it's interesting because you know the everything is they read it. I think it's true now. So there's another John Schneider to. That's that's a friend what I don't know if you know this other John Schneider, not John Schneider. John. His name is oddly enough, John Schneider, and he is rob Schneider's brother, really, and my brother's name and his friends call him rob. So we've got the John Schneider trio. I, I do you sing John. No. Hold a sheet music up and we'll sing. It's so great to talk to you next time I get up there, we're going to do a concert to or so when I get up there, hopefully we'll be able to actually connect. Now, they're only like Facebook friends and you guys text and do checks this morning. I said, give me some information and make me sound smart on the information football, John Schneider kinda do. John. The two, and he said spelled just pronounce it just like, like you would read choice been on Johnston, didn't take them back there either. No, I didn't. I avoid that one. The voided that I've been called Snyder for, I'm I'm gonna sell. So I've been called Snyder a lot. So you know, I try to avoid the multi Salah. Bec- names not at not at NY. Exactly. It's Schneider. Thank you very much. John.

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