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In for rich as you heard rich Eisen and be calling in just a minute he is getting set to call game in London Bucks Panthers over across the pond before we continue I do have to say hearty congratulations to the Washington mystics by hometown. WFAN capture the championship the mystics went through twelve coaches they suffered through eleven losing seasons in their I fifteen years now Ted Leonsis who owns the wizards the mystics and the capitals has his second championship of course Stanley Cup for the Washington capitals and now the Washington mystics led by Elena Delle on great story there who quit playing basketball all the other and then came back and is now the WNBA MVP and they have a championship The Washington mystics congrats to them all right I asked you the most exciting player in your lifetime you have seen on an NFL field me I think it's I think it's probably Patrick Mahomes the guys the face of the NFL right now you guys calling in we have Adam from Arkansas on the line right now on the rich Eisen show what's up man this is Dan Halley most exciting player in your lifetime who is it and thanks for taking my call now the guy that couldn't turn the channel on with Jon Sanders and if that Gal in a game you never knew which South Bollywood GonNa show up on special teams and he could turn the game around in arena half seconds prime was great and you know what I think coming out of Florida state it was as much about what was going on off the field as it was for on the field and one of the few where he married those together and he became I think he was one of the first guys to really become a brand and personnel thirty that matches success on the he was electric and it obviously helps the he he returned punts when you have a guy who's shutdown corner who can get the ball in his hands and he did makes it fun to watch whenever now then he would show up one runaround receiver you're right now that's the I can do the other guys too it's what I love about dion I'm literally he's the goat he's the greatest to ever play the position he still talks about how good he was in high school basketball and in what because that he was good at everything but it feels like he probably could have played in the NBA and who am I to doubt it that guy is one of the greatest athletes ever they walk the earth the same can be said for Michael Vick was a fantastic high school basketball player and there was a receiver that played it marshland everybody knows his name and right now aping me Randy Moss at the hospital basketball player also played with with Jason Williams there in West Virginia Randy Moss did Adam from Arkansas thank you very much for the call yeah that's another name that just comes to mind might be one of those Randy Moss was going away for a moment to break in and tell you but he's another guy one of the most exciting players especially that two thousand seven we talked about the two thousand eleven patriot just different an absolute freak not a freak but joining us now on his own show Rich Eisen from London. How're you doing my friend what a great engine Dan do you yeah you know it's all good how you guys I everybody's doing great obviously obviously missing you what's the word fire what's the word there in London have you done any production meetings have you done all the production meetings walk me through you know I I like to play play stuff now okay sorry flavor right now on lumpy on something called Duke of Strange I am walking in the streets of London Saint James Gardens the left for anybody scoring at home and I'm walking back to my hotel after hanging out with a couple of buddies play Poker I do actually came after the game diehard NFL and there was a one of several believe it or not the demonstrations.

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