Michigan, Congress, President Trump discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Witness to start with the report is my testimony and the justice department's giving him cover telling him in a letter to stick to the report but may also not discuss its redacted material including information about on charge to third parties and executive privilege the letter provides Muller a formal directive peak insight if he gets questions tomorrow he doesn't want to answer it is only statement after being appointed special counsel Muller told the nation he would not go beyond the report if you testified the justice department's letter was in response to his request for guidance about limits on his testimony Sager mag Connie at the White House FBI director Chris ray tells a Senate Judiciary Committee he won't comment on Miller's investigation in his testimony he focused on national security and economic espionage threats he tells committee chairman Lindsey Graham about the two biggest threat there is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now than China and I'm not saying a lot that is saying a lot and I don't say that lightly who would be second a probably Russia in a speech to teenage conservatives president trump criticized the so called squad for first term democratic Congress woman of color including Michigan's Rasheeda to lead the agenda of the radical left is one of division discord and demolition you know when I see her running and rant against screaming like a total lunatic this is what we're dealing with and without naming names trump claimed he could name at least twenty Democrats who in his opinion are worse than the squad this is a.

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