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I will remember your sins no more so don't ever think that because you've committed a sin or anything like that that god will not forgive you. He doesn't love you. I don't want to even imply that on this program. I don't want to ever imply that at all. God will forgive you so please please. Don't ever take that to mean that you will not be forgiven so onto the story here. Which is fantastic news for us. In texas the five justice. Majority of justices clarence thomas samuel alito a trump appointed justices neal gorsuch brett cavenaugh and amy conan barrett did not issue a published opinion with their decision so the precise reasoning of the court remains unclear including whether the texas law would survive a constitutional challenge on the merits when that question is squarely before the supreme court the applicants now before us have raised serious questions regarding the constitutionality of the texas law at issue chief justice john roberts wrote in a descent but the application also presents complex novel antics in procedures questions on which they had not carried their burdens. Robert explains that he was descending because an injunction would freeze the status quo while the coursework through whether texas bali constitutional right to abortion narrowly. Leaving open the possibility that he could vote in favor of the law. Later on down the road so you guys check out that article that is at breitbart. There's a little more to the article. But i just wanted to give you guys the highlights in the great news and so i saw a sign. I can't think on facebook or something. I wish i could bring that up talking about Oh yes my body. My choice and so mike actually ten delano That doesn't fall into that. Because you have a new little person inside your body. So but anyway i digress. There's no use arguing with fence posts. You know what i'm saying. Okay so that was some really really good news. Praise god god is still scott still moving. He's still in control. Okay so don't ever think because the world looks dark and it looks bleak that god is no longer involved. He is absolutely most definitely still involved. And he will be until he removes his church and he will still be involved in the world so don't ever think that our next victory is going to be california. La county to pay eight.

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