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By happy and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals. Paid already there. Hello there. Welcome back. You're watching liquid lunch? Yes, it's may. Um, I'm in front of a green screen with a photo of my backyard behind me. This seems to work a lot better than the windows, different lighting all that other stuff but breezing through the first tower here of a money Monday. Thanks for tuning in today, every single week and there's a lot going on in the markets. There's so much money being printed the markets of really volatile right now to me, unstable crypto currencies are also seeing a tremor of instability in them, so you know There are many things to be discussed, obviously, but the most important thing is this for quite some time. Now, and from the beginning of our days is liquid lunch and entity. We've been joined by my good friend Fernando, your eBay. But I can't remember the last time we were joined on his actual birthday. And he joins e right now. What's up, buddy? How are you, John? Thank you So much for the warm thoughts into the attic birthday, My brother. Thank you. A little birdie sense something in my ear on by luck. I wish you the best. And you and the family and you're an unbelievable guy. Unbelievable Philanthropist. Unbelievable television commentators. Well, um podcaster and I appreciate everything you do for us. I do brother down. It's my pleasure. This is to support you and the great program. That is liquid lunch, man. Man. We're trying every day. And if we guys like me and you stop trying to get the word out, we're only gonna go deep down the rabbit hole to progressivism in socialism, my man, So we're doing God's work If you ask me, But I do want to ask you about not the heavens. But let's go extraterrestrial for a minute. I watch this thing on 60 minutes last night that basically you know, our government is saying Hey, Thanks to trump declassifying some of this stuff, By the way, there are unidentified flying objects out there that we've never seen before. We don't know what they are. They're not weather balloons. They're not us. We don't think that China or Russia there. Watching us, Um Marco Rubio says that this is a threat. I tend to agree with him, John, I'm with you and listen. I watched that I watched some highlights of that segment, and I've seen a lot of stuff on Tucker Carlson recently. He's discussed this at length. And you know what I think of the day when we're looking at the department defense and what they're declassified in terms of documentation on what other governments have reported to. I think there's something to that. Now, Listen, I'm someone that grew up like many in our audience watching conspiracy theories, watching shows like the X Files and believing in a lot of different notions, But again, there's evidence out there, John when it comes to Declassified documents and video footage, too. That's out there, not just by the ID States government but other governments. Now listen again. I'm not saying that we're expecting you know something about the movie Independence Day, some invasion, but the idea that there isn't life out there in the universe, I think is a little naive. We were seeing evidence, empirical evidence, of course, and I were seen scientific evidence, so it's something to take seriously. I look, I've always been a little bit of a conspiracy theory theorist, but I've always thought, you know there's something out there. Some of this stuff is inexplicable. Um, what it is, It is to me. It's it's God's plan. If they have this super laser that could come zap out New York City in two seconds, then there's nothing we could do about it. You know, so the government should tell us about it. Now on the absurdity of Twitter and you when I can wax poetic on that for hours, probably, but Francisco Jose Contreras Step PTO, Spain's box party. Was locked out of his Twitter account for saying a man cannot get pregnant because they have no uterus or eggs, which sounds like a statement of fact, correct. I mean, again from everyone out there that took high school biology and hopefully passed. It wouldn't well, this and the idea, though, John, that we're seeing what the welcome mob is join online. And I think also what we're seeing, and I don't mean this in the sort of, you know, malicious way. But the alphabet Army right on Guam, a supportive LGBT people. I mean, at the same time there, there's an advocacy within that community that is China's air Force feed This narrative that just isn't about science. And isn't that always always hear about the left? Right? It's about following science, right? Isn't that we hear when it comes to masks? They want to follow the sign. When it comes to vaccines, then they don't want you to have your body your choice. You know, And when you know, it's like it's there forever moving the gold posts on what their true ideological exactly, and it's mine bubbling to me. We're now Twitter and again. You know, Dorsey, along with Zuckerberg are saying a really bad precedent. Now, about what you know what is community standards? I mean, looking at that call again. You know a man can I get pretty because they do not have you don't know, uterus or eggs. How is that even remotely hateful or even bullying? It's just It's amazing to me that again. I'm not about big government, John. But if there was ever a time for Congress to step in and try to real in some of these big tech corporations now is the time and it should be a bipartisan effort. Because at some point, you know conservative speeches being silenced. Now, at some point, it could be liberal speech and then You know what? We just want transparency. We're not getting that from these big corporations. In case in point, John I had Facebook since 2008 on Lee until January of 2021. Have I ever seen the suspension? I've been suspended three times in the first five months of this year, and it just goes to show the absurdity of what his community standards these oversight boards and John is dangerous. I mean, free speech is under its back here. I'm so with you, brother. Believe me, I'm off Tic tac. I'm locked. My stuff is up on YouTube, but them locked out. I can upload, you know, you know what it feels so let me ask you this, um The the When you talked about the alphabet my feet before you first of all, I don't like to correct you. But you left a couple off. You gotta go now. The proper thing and just say LGBT Q by a. It's a new continent every everything that that Zane you know, it's like wheel of fortune..

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