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Top the division standings in the central they're actually now eighteen they won the game on tuesday till we'll go over that and the second but they get to win here sixty five in the close one out in cincinnati it was the john hater who actually was the guy who was the i he he pitched to it and two thirds innings and got the save in this close game hater when to into their innings struck out eight so basically josh hader yeah and it was josh hater when to into their struck out eight guys walked one so he's got all eight outs two hundred jennings eight outs all of them strikeouts so there guys nasty does his fourth save of the year and the reds who couldn't couldn't touch him couldn't touch the brewers left lefthander right hander i mean he was absolutely dominant in this one so to finish off that game for the brewers i like that all right cubs squeak went out against the rockies three to two in fenway it was a tough luck laws for kyle freeland he pays pretty well feral got the win for the cubs it was a nice one i mean the cubs cubs continue role on this is tough series for them as they host this a good rockies team john lester would five and two thirds innings got the when to only two runs both from unearned though five hits three walks five strikeouts out the decision and the guy who came in for him.

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