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Power on Bloomberg television or radio. I'm David Weston, political contributors, Rick Davis of stone court capital and Genie Chan xeno of an oncologist who stayed with us when we were just about to come out at 1 o'clock Eastern Time to the next session of the select committee in the House, investing in the events of January 6th and is being presided over in part by Liz Cheney Republican congresswoman from Wyoming. And one of the questions asked eugenie first is, what is this doing to a Cheney in Wyoming? They're sort of like royalty out there, but she's behind in the polls. She is way behind in the polls against her opponent hegman. And, you know, it looks unlikely that she would be able to win this, but I was just talking to somebody who said, you know, either way, this is a winner for Liz Cheney. Either she beats hegman and it's a surprise victory, or she doesn't, and she moves on from her position in the house to national prominence and has a bigger role, maybe not in 24, but going forward, leading the Republican Party away from the Trump era. So there's a school of thought which says this could be a real winner for her, and that she's really become a household name. And particularly attractive to moderates and Democrats. So Rick, there's a piece on the Bloomberg actually today talking about this race and saying that the Chinese strategy, this one, almost has to be getting Democrats to vote for a Cheney in Wyoming. Is that sort of hell freezes overtime? Not really, David, I think that's actually a legitimate strategy because when you look at it, there's no democratic running in this state. She has to hope to peel off some Republicans from frankly her performance off of the January 6th committee, which has been good so far. And yet the problem, the hurdle is that there are only like 30% of the voters in the state or Democrats, 70% of them are Republicans. So she's got to hold enough Republicans in that 70% to have a base and then hope that basically she gets the lion's share of those 30% Democrats. And it could be a lot closer than people think because of the open nature of the primary there. So Rick, I'm curious about these hearings themselves and what effect they might have, if any. I feel almost like we're seeing a third impeachment trial basically for president Trump because we've already been through this twice. I'm not sure anything came out of the first two. Is anything really going to last thing going to come out of this? Well, I think one setting the record straight has been hugely helpful. So history will record this as the definitive look at January 6th. Two, I do think that as they diminish the impact that Donald Trump has in this election cycle and potentially 2024 by showing that it's his own people that are indicting him. It's the interviews with the administration personnel, the secretary of the attorney general, the chief of staff. I mean, all these people, including his own daughter, have basically indicted him for monkeying with the election. And I think that actually helps other candidates within a Republican Party and maybe even potentially enough along the way to help Liz Cheney. Yeah, and I would just add to that. I think as we listen to and watch Donald Trump's reactions to the hearings, you could tell that he is concerned that this has had a real impact. He has been critical of Kevin McCarthy for not having a Republican out there after all of this. He has talked about the fact that he would like to respond to it. So I think he feels a real concern. People in the inside of the Trump circle say potentially he announces a run for 24 and not to get back to that again, David, but he announces a run for 24 in an effort to get over this. So I think there is a real concern that this is hurting his call that the 2020 election was stolen from him if nothing else. What isn't that the biggest problem for Donald Trump because it seems like he's got one issue. And that's the 2020 election. I mean, remember when we went back to Georgia and the damage he did in the Senate, I'm not sure he has another issue. Can he forgo that issue and still run? Well, the irony is that he's got a lot of things he could actually be talking about right now, competitiveness with China, his policies versus Biden. I mean, there are a load of different contrast with Democrats, but he chooses to continue to this day to make the big lie his platform. And I think this committee has shown that there is a big lie. You'd almost think he can't help

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