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Help keep you off the operating table, Dr Laura Leonard Leonard in sports medicine and stem cell center right here in the mid south uses regenerative stem cell therapy to treat patients every day and keep them off the operating table, call them now and see if stem cell therapy might work for you know, one eight five zero fifty seven fifty six or online at Lindemann sports, medicine dot com. That's Lindemann sports medicine dot com, losing weight is hard. But also can be fun when you lose the weight, and you know, that you're actually keeping the weight off Dr Keith does weight loss the right way without pills without strenuous diets without surgery, this is safe effective natural weight loss. If you don't want to be on a strenuous diet or a crazy diet where the food comes in the mail or you don't want to be doing excessive exercise, it, you know, you cannot keep up over long periods of time. Then you. You need to go. See Dr Keith whether you're a man or woman, whether you got to lose twenty pounds are one hundred twenty Dr Keith will customize a weight loss program and customizes a key. He works with you and comes up with an effective weight loss program that you can accomplish. And most importantly, keep the weight off forever. Get started right now, you can lose the weight and feel great and keep the weight off column and use my name Ben you'll get a free consultation though, scheduled for you over the phone nine zero one to two one eighty nine sixty four our Cairo weight loss. It's weight loss dot com. Hi, RIC Edelman here. Join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments taxes, planning for retirement mortgages, getting your kids into college and more. It's the show every Saturday at ten on six hundred a MWR AC six hundred ninety two point one FM. Welcome. This is the network, and I am the MAC daddy. Rush Limbaugh here behind the golden EIB microphone with three hours of broadcast excellence. Straight ahead. Great to have you here as all ways the telephone number. If you wanna be on the program. That's a big thrill for anybody that makes it past Mr. Snerdley and our extensive screening process. Telephone number's eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. All right. This is kind of classic. We have.

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