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Be held liable attorney benjamin taylor tells twelve news charges could come thanks to an executive order issued by governor doug ducey just weeks ago saying tech companies could be held as accountable as a human would be such an accident i'm jim rupe i'm ed hartley and i'm judith jenkins on ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o b ha ha mayor you lou lose they still caught him i'll explain a my show today at one o'clock pat frisch newsradio k o b i was betrayed in this case was very important to show that those that betray it do pay that price i that is former metro court judge kevin fitzwater and he's talking about the socalled gang of eight this dates back more than twelve years folks when the indictments i started coming down but they're they're back in the news today at least one of the metro court administrator toby martinez he was one of the masterminds of the scam that ultimately stole four point three million dollars from taxpayers during the construction of the new courthouse and state senator of albuquerque very powerful man up in santa fe manny aragon was also caught up in all of this and all eight of them were eventually caught and convicted after being indicted about half of them served time in prison others got probation but toby martinez he got forty six months in federal prison for what he did any personally pocketed two million dollars of the four point three million stole alan from taxpayers only serves his time he's out of jail now.

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