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Those are the respect knuckles. It's a wedding. I mean. They don't want to make too flamboyant, right? Sir respect respect respect. All right. My my my second pick is just prime territory for Chris Hemsworth. I'm here for listening. It's. It's one of your interruptions so to speak, but it's that moment way too early in the cemetery a cemetery. Now here. All right. Hey that way too early in the in the ceremony when the no name cousin starts ugly crying. Way. It's like we're here today. Just, way too early in the ceremony to be crying and she is ugly crying loud. And every time he goes to say something else she wails. And it's got to be one of those who. Good at Chrysler Right. Yes. Just not, everywhere would Mascara. She looks like the fucking Crow. Yes. And then she keeps wiping her face and then I missed lipstick smear and she ends up linked fucking joker by. The ceremony. Cousin that brought a plus one even though she wasn't given one. Uninvited as boyfriend is just sitting there like. She brought her uber driver in because she didn't have a plus one. That's fucking terrible. Might crying. What we do all right area it's time for your second pick. Kids. Might get it together faulk. All right I've GONNA I'm I'm trying to like figure out the order of these. Okay. I have a particular selection. Were the ring bearer. Okay. It needs to be a pug with a pillow on its back. It. However, it needs to happen that needs to happen. It's not a perfect wedding without it just a pug with on his back. All right. It's simple look I'm not against it as I legitimately had somewhere in the late rounds a dog as bring bear so. I did. I was like it needs to happen 'cause foot little kids is ring bears. It's. It was to be coached up to the front. Yeah. How Awful? No. Get a dog train it to just walk that straight line and I needed to be just a little in the hefty side. So it kind of snorts is running up there with. Wobble. And then it gets the up front, Yup Yup and everybody who is just like not here for watching people. Don't know wet or whatever the fuck they do. They get to watch the little pug. WHO's making adorable faces in his little tongue hanging out Nikkei casually yawns. Curly tail is going a billion miles minute, right? US He's the best one here in factly if he's the only guest at the wedding that everyone will like. Oh, yeah. He's going to get lots of WHO's the best boy. Bonus points if it's the best man's dog Oh yeah that we bet nude is getting laid. Oh, for sure speaking rich I happen to be the best man at my cousin's wedding and I have a puggle star. My. Your. We live this life. You'RE GONNA have all kinds of lady Boehner's. It's too late to convince my cousin to make him the ring bear. I think we're GONNA go on of our younger cousins, which is just okay. Still, bring the Pug as your plus one. Ship. Just. Saying. My plus one he's everywhere with me. Oh. Man. Die He is he's so chill to he would just lay. I love it. All right. All right. Cool. pug Is the ring bear I can get behind that. All Right So second and third. Yeah, Yemen I'M GONNA, go I'M GONNA. Go a little out of order It's not necessarily chronological but I think it fits with Chad's second pick and I'M GONNA go with vows that absolutely fucking shit up like You just can't nobody can handle it like the stout heart in the room is just like I didn't know that these two were award winning poets what the fuck is happening right now. Shit Okay and even like, yeah, like everybody's just doing that thing with A. We do have something that's overlapping here and is not the same. got. Out of without a little bit when it gets to that pick for me are. All right. Maybe we could maybe maybe they can maybe don't want him one split down the Middle Oh. Okay. Sure. GonNa tear everybody's fucking heart out. I'M GONNA go with it would be more comedic in my mind if the dude has this absolutely beautiful poetic, just I need to tell you all the feelings that I've ever felt in a perfectly. Brief set of words and everybody's just like Oh shit. Thomas could feel feel didn't. Make me feel all. Like it's normally super served quiet kind of not dead inside. But certainly, just like doesn't let those emotions out and all of a sudden you like it's like watching an orchid bloom what the fuck? I think that's wonderful. It's really well with my. All right. And then for my third pick since that was that was the simpler one. My third pick is a little earlier in the ceremony and I. Want a reading. So after Tony's. To speech. Actual planned reading. And again, it starts off beautiful. Everybody's like Oh. Damn. This is really nice and then slowly like a wave across the the audience I don't know what you call it. The people watching the wedding everybody starts to realise these lyrics. Song. And not a song that you wouldn't want to use. It for a wedding reading. I don't know like in my head. It's just like the beginning of wrecking ball and everybody's like no shit, and then suddenly it's and then you came in like a wrecking ball. It never never hit so hard in love. And all I wanted to do was break down your walls. Just like somebody in the baggage, it's like is that fucking? Off. And then Chris Hemsworth grabs him. It's not your day start your day. Honestly by the time, we get to the end of this about half the families sleep. Well. I mean. They've also got full flasks. Entirely possible. Chris got half of them. The old English got the other half. Reading starts of or alternatively reading that doesn't start beautiful at all and everybody realizes its lyrics right off the bat and they are not. No? No. Why is this happening?.

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