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Dad and went back dressing room full of women hit girls lined up on the couch, the this, and it's good to be the king Elvis was just a just a great little country boy, you know, just to just to always was this very country. Boy, everybody that we've had on the show that work with them found very polite and very gracious Shapiro, and yeah, when Winkler yeah it was almost a sad now. Now, here, it took all the self control. My have to get to this. You worked with Milton Berle. Yeah. And know where he's going on with this. I don't know. Have you heard about? I know you're not religious apparently has a very large penis, his blessed. Varies about him wanting to show it to people enjoy, I never saw that. I, I don't know didn't want to show it to me. I don't I don't know. The only thing I did a benefit or something in New York, and I was I did a couple of jokes when I was just starting out, and it was awkward, you know, I, I was trying to be like you, and I, I was just starting any came up after he said, John, just sing just, just saying forget about the jokes, and I said, okay. But I, I love I was always jealous of the opening act. My opening act for years was Jay Leno. Oh. And then Kip Dada remember, Don. Sure. Yeah. And I was always jealous of the rear around lonnie's shore. Freddie Roman Lonnie shore. Freddie romance killer act is rich, little, and I always wanted to get that response that you. You guys get if you just a singer, people might cheer applaud, but they don't laugh and laughing is you, you give he's really giving you so much that love. I wanted that. And so I started stealing the jokes from the opening. I started doing jokes Jack. Benny first of all, presented me. I is Caesar's palace gonna ask you about six. Sure. And Caesar's was just opening. And I would watch Jack Benny every night after. And so after that, I, I would I would say, you know, I just came from Las Vegas, I just work with Jack Benny and Jack Benny would say and without doing I don't do impressions. Well, I would do, Jack benny's south by saying it's Jack Benny and across the street was Dean Martin. Well, Dean, Martin says, you know, when we called in bed one night last week, I found we had the same physique. View brought a new kind of love and I do some of his parody things these stupid bird is, you know. You. That night when I came home you said you weren't low. You said you were alone. You said he was a nude est who came into use the phone. But I would give them credit from the comedian started doing jokes. And then I would tell us about Jack Benny. Incredible ego very secure in what he was doing. I was, but I was just I did fifteen minutes, maybe twenty in his show songs. Yeah. You'll just singing. Yeah. And then he, he did a little stick with me on stage and it was very well John, you know, how do you know it was very. It was very.

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