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In October two thousand seven three hundred eighty eight miles southeast of Moscow Russia. A grim procession made their way through the wilderness. Their destination a cave entrance nestled amongst several crude wooden houses the entrance to a bunker. They had spent a month and a half building. These men women and children had been instructed to wait underground for the next six months until the very end of the world understandably the group attracted attention from the Russian media. Almost immediately police gathered at the snowy ravine to keep any curious bystanders. From getting too close the group had warned that any attempt to remove the entrenched cult members would force them to turn the doomsday bunker into a mass grave. Hi I'm Vanessa. Richardson and this is cults. Apart cast original this is the twenty eighth episode in our Daily Series. On the strange prophecies made by different cults and their leaders throughout this month. Were taking a daily look at the myriad of apocalyptic predictions to try and uncover. What makes these revelations so appealing? I'm here with my co host. Greg Poulsen today we're discussing the true Russian Orthodox Church this radical splinter group founded by Peo- ta-chou's neat solve subscribe to the belief that the world would end in. May Two thousand eight and in October of two thousand seven Kuznetsov or followers to execute their doomsday. Plan sometime around June of two thousand. Six Peo- tour who's need solve settled in the village of Nikolskaya after spending years traveling through Russia and preaching his own religious doctrine? He finally found the place where he could consolidate his own. Group of followers forbade any followers of his cult which he called the true Russian Orthodox Church from eating processed food watching television using credit cards or even handling money. They roll instructed to burn their passports which he claimed contained the number of the beast one of the key tenets of his sect was the belief that the world would come to an end in May of two thousand eight to prepare for this eventuality. He had members of his called hollow out of bunker in the mountains for them to wait out the coming apocalypse. The main portion of the case was about twelve meters in diameter with hollowed out sells for each member to sleep it in October. Two thousand seven. Their time had come. Kuznetsov ordered his followers to make for the caves with all the supplies they could muster and wait there for salvation around twenty five to thirty of his followers did as he asked including four children but their disappearance did not go unnoticed. The daughter of one of the cult members complained that her father had gone missing and soon Russian police arrested Kuznetsov at his house. It turns out the cult leader hadn't gone to wait out the end times with his followers. He had told them that he had a different task to accomplish. Before the end of the world that task was to serve as a mediator as police attempted to coax followers out of the Cave. They were unsuccessful. As his followers underground believed he was speaking to them under duress. They told the police that if anyone tried to remove them they would detonate. Several gas canisters in the cave killing everyone within Kuznetzov was imprisoned for psychiatric evaluation and the Russian government kept an eye on the caves. Waiting to see what the true Russian Orthodox Church would do as the winter month set in members slowly began to filter out the cave. Those that gave interviews still appeared to be under Kuznetsov's influence reaffirming their beliefs. That the day of judgement was upon the world. Kuznetsov tried to kill himself in captivity in early April while facing charges of creating a violent organization by May two thousand eight cave had partially collapsed and all remaining members of the Call Ted Evacuated Their Doomsday bunker. They had escaped toxic fumes from to rotting corpses members who had died during the winter. The Cape was subsequently demolished completely by local authorities when he recovered from his self inflicted injuries. Kuznetsov went to court for his crimes. He was determined to be not mentally responsible for his actions and sentenced to mandatory psychiatric care in a State. Run Facility in two thousand eleven. A proposal was brought up to release them from the ward but it was rejected as far as we're aware he remains there to this day. The members of his cult were mostly deported to Belarus or voluntarily left the region though a family or to have been found staying in Nikolskaya as recently as two thousand twelve still patiently awaiting the promised end of the world..

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