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Latest is Nancy hardy Chicago police are looking for carjackers recently targeting certain people on the north side and chaos breaks out on the red line platform on the MAG mile WBZ sports, Rick Greg bear's Vikings this afternoon. Pre-game starting at noon today. Kick off three twenty-five bowls in Toronto as well. Sunshine through the day of blustery high of thirty eight degrees forecast for this afternoon. Now CBS news covers the world at eleven. CBS news on the hour, presented by Capital One Bank. I'm Wendy Gillette. The new year begins Tuesday, but it will bring the same old stalemate on the partial government shutdown. The impasse is all about border security counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said on FOX it's up to Democrats to reach a deal. The Democrats have to come back Nancy Pelosi needs to come back from Hawaii less whole lot more moolah for the DHS accustomed to border patrol finding our border security Democrats, including New York Representative had team Jeffries said they're not opposed to certain improvements at the border over certainly prepared to provide additional funding for enhanced fencing technology drones satellites lighting sensors cellphone towers, and the things that the experts have clearly indicated would improve our border security Jeffrey spoke on ABC homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen. And Texas democratic congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee both visited border patrol facilities yesterday in the wake of the deaths of two immigrant children in US custody. Jackson-lee says a congressional investigation is needed. Our committee on judiciary will be immediately investigating the issue dealing with both children having lost their life. The children. We're both from Guatemala Syria's. News agency reports president Bashir Assad has authorized Iraqi forces to attack ISIS groups in Syria without waiting for permission. The development comes in the wake of President Trump ordering the redraw of US troops from Syria. CBS news military consultant retired army major Mike lions on what the agreement between Syria and Iraq means ISIS creates a threat for both Syria and Iraq, and I don't think either government wants to see them be reestablished inside of the Syrian border an inmate who escaped from San Quentin state prison. In California has been captured CBS news correspondent Jim Taylor has more you walked away from San Quentin state prison in California nearly four days ago. Now, the inmate manhunt there is over police catching up with Shalom and dosa at a Taco Bell in puzzle. Robles that's more than two hundred miles south of San Quentin witness. Christopher noise says he was dressed in civilian clothing eating when he was approached by undercover officers gang task force.

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