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Sabermetrics on Sports Television and you certainly have seen him when he was with. Espn Dan where he was an anchor for them for fourteen years and he's written a fascinating book. It's called ahead of the curve inside the baseball revolution and this book is Kennedy's effort to reshape. The way you think about baseball and the obvious question. I think Brian is what caused the rethinking of baseball. On your part. Well well. I came across the information During the early days of the revolution by getting total baseball which was Pete Palmer and John Thorns Book in Nineteen Nineteen Ninety One. It was the baseball encyclopedia. And it had the the modern slash line laid out for the first time that I saw it padding average on base and slugging They also had the what was the sabermetrics manifesto in there the hidden game of baseball and so from there just reading that going onto Bill James Reading that had already been reading some Bill James but it hasn't really sunk in so just all of this education and then constant thought about baseball. I always loved baseball as Paul love to do. Hall of fame debates and Comparative Analysis and Reading Bill James and more Bill James and then going to espn and doing baseball full time. When I was doing baseball tonight at that point I realized why am I still talking or be is and batting? Average pitcher pitcher wins. And all this stuff. I started questioning things and I figured as the analytic revolution was happening. Everyone else in the media would be jumping on board and what I found out was not on. TV nobody was jumping on board. Everything as we know it. has had periods. I mean there's been art periods have been music periods Donovan Sports so tell me about some of the baseball periods. What do you mean exactly? Well I mean the different things and transitions that baseball has gone through over the Decade and also over the many many years beyond that. Well you know most of what we knew about baseball. And how we measured baseball came about out in the nineteen th century. When it made sense you know? The reliance on batting average pitcher wins The triple crown round numbers. All these things made sense when you were an errors as well. All these things made sense when the game was mainly made up of singles ingles and the ball in play with fielders with no gloves and Major League Games. Averaging Twelve Ariza game the way to differentiate between teams was ause you know base hits runs and errors by the time that was alive ball And the live ball era. It's got to Babe Ruth. Basically that was out the window but we had already calcified in our thinking at that point. And that's Kinda the way we measured baseball up until the mid nineties you know even again. That's Bill James P.. Palmer to Kramer the sabermetrics pioneers came about in the seventies and eighties. They were just basically shunned until you know you you decades later when finally probably because of the computers and Internet Revolution as well and the information age came in that it just couldn't be ignored anymore..

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