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Well, I mentioned David Cohen what a year he has had. He has won one hundred nine races in two thousand eighteen the thirty four year old last road back on February first of two thousand fourteen that's when he was injured and. Broke his leg in a couple of different places. Took a few years off return last fall, and again, one hundred nine victories here in two thousand eighteen and he is the comeback jockey of the year. And he's with us now here on the horse racing radio network. David welcome, my friend, happy to have you on board for a few minutes. I will. Thank you for having me, gentlemen. How you guys doing today? Good. We're doing great and congratulations on that honor. Well deserved. Appreciate it. You know, really wasn't something that I thought about much during the year. So it was a a nice little surprise during the jockey's guild meeting this year. Yeah. Really spectacular. And I mentioned that injury back on February first of two thousand fourteen take us back to that day. Tell people exactly what happened. And then take us through the preceding months as you started to kind of work your way back. You know, the the accident of probably one of those freak things that you you don't see much. It was in the paddock at aquit was going ahead to get on top of my horse and the horse kinda shied away. And it was a first timer. Never been on the track at all at aquit up. So, you know, I'm not sure how many people are familiar with the Akwa duck a paddock, but it's kinda push down into a bowl. You got people above them. So something spooked it and the way in and kicked kicked down and ended up getting the lower part of my right leg. I ended up breaking my tibia and fibula I had a plate in screws put into my via, and you know, for me, it was a long road of recovery. It'd probably took about three months before I could even put my foot on the ground and put some some weight on since you know, your tibia is your weight bearing bone in your leg. So you know, that took a lot of determination. And just really a lot of therapy are our friend Rajiv Mirage went through, you know, similar situation. And I know it's so hard on you guys. Because all you wanna do is ride and it gets to be frustrating. When you're out that long. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, unfortunately, I went through some other things during my time off, you know, few months after I did get injured my father, which is my best friend he passed away. And you know, that obviously took a big toll on me and about a year and a half after that my sister passed away. So that was probably part of the reason for so Stu lengthly layoff opposed to be injury at self during the course of that time, I actually took the opportunity to get the play in screws removed and this way when you know, the the idea behind that was when I did return, I didn't want something bothering me or something, you know, foreign to my body that will potentially interrupt anything that I any success that I had going on or any momentum. I I should say because that takes. About another three to four months to recover from. So I was able to to get that done and come back, mentally, and, you know, in the right mindset, you know, for me that was more important than anything. You know, have a lot of respect for the game and respect for everybody involved. Obviously, the owners and trainers, but obviously the grooms and exercise writers they put a lot of work into these horses. So I wouldn't come show up after the opportunity and not know that I'm a hundred percent in not just physically, but mentally as well, which is probably not just out of probably more important when it comes to an actually especially in horse racing. Your your dad was such a great guy used to sue him some days at Santa Anita in talk horses. He he loved the handicap you love the bat, and we we had some great conversations..

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