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I ju- force my own yard. Was its scabbard. The letter had a meta point ending in the large ball which had caused the fracture of my leg for the bone coming into violent contact visible and not being able to bend had snapped at that point as throw the she's away and is upon yard. Cut a piece of the linen. Which i had left then. I bound my leg up as well as i could. Uncalled on all fours was poignant in my hand towards the city gate when no reached it i found shocked but i noticed a stone just beneath the door which did not appear to be very firmly fixed. This attempted to dislodge after setting my hands to it and feeling it move. It easily gave away and do it out through the gap us made. I crept into town chapter one hundred and ten. I had crawled more than five hundred basis from the place where i fell to the gate by which i entered. No sooner had i got inside than some must've dogs set upon me and bit me badly wednesday to turn to attack and varied me. I drew my own yard and wounded one of them. So sharply said he hold allowed and also dokes. According to their nature ran after him. I mean well made the best way. I could on all fours. The words a church of the spontaneous on arriving it's opening of the street which leads the sant agnello. I turned off into direction of san piero. And now the dawn had risen over me and i felt myself endanger when therefore i want to meet a water carrier driving his donkey lengthen bas full buckets. I called the fellow and begged him to carry me upon his back to the terrace. By the steps of san piero adding. I am an unfortunate young man who while escaping from a window in a love adventure have fallen and broken my leg. The place from which. I made my exit is one of great importance and if i am discovered iran risk of being cut to pieces. So for heaven's sake. Lift may quickly and i will give you a crown of gold saying says. I clapped my hand to my purse..

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