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Thousand dollars eight thousand bucks. Hearbeat that thing I'm going to go on vacation. I'm paying from Bellevue listening for your chance to win a thousand dollar an hour cash contests on NewsRadio twelve hundred thousand dollar an hour cash. Contest on W is presented by amazing exteriors, siding windows, doors and more home improvement saves you money for a free in-home consultation. Goto amazing exteriors dot com or call three four zero eight thousand that's three four zero eight thousand. Tonio planet, fitness twenty-five cents sale is here. For a limited time now through February twelfth join for just twenty five cents down. Then just ten bucks a month with absolutely no commitment right now. Twenty five cents gets you free fitness training of equipment and sparkling clean locker rooms and showers and a judgment free zone. It's open and staff twenty four seven join in glummer online at planet, fitness dot com. But don't wait the planet fitness twenty five cents sale ends Tuesday. February twelfth company cars trucks, SUV's fans and fleet. Vehicles are involved in thousands of accidents every year. Accident with a company vehicle is not just another car company. Vehicle accidents, multiple parties could be held responsible, including the driver and even their employees. These cases can be complex, and it's important to find an experienced attorney to handle your case if he were hit by a company vehicle. Call Thomas J two one zero six five six one thousand ten. Chemical. I carry lucky for CASA CASA stands for court appointed special advocate Akasa. Volunteer represents the best interest of a foster child in court in school, and they stand by them during a really critical point in their lives. Volunteers are highly trained and screened and right now in this area. Volunteers are needed now. More than ever to serve abused and neglected kids. In foster care, a CASA volunteers can have a significant impact on the life of a foster child. I've talked with CASA volunteers who find this work so rewarding. And if you think you've got your own kids at job, there's no time to become a CASA volunteer..

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