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032508 60. Let's go Toe Randy and Michigan. Hi, Randy. You're on ground zero. Like like, how you doing? Thanks to take my call. You bet. Okay, well, I got two things that they believe that's going on here. First of all, Sachi, the press release lady that she's about his dumb is Raggedy Ann and looks just like a okay. And the second is remember how Biden was, you know? He was saying that I've got to give your pop pop kickback. With his son. Now I feel that this whole thing is going on with China. Just the virus came out to get rid of trump so they can Put this all together and Obama is actually pulling the strings. Bite. I can't think of 40. Five executive orders like that he would have forgotten more. So I believe that Obama is pulling the strings and Biden is getting a kickback from China and all these things that he's cutting out because now we're gonna be having a bike. You know? Well guess from the outside when we had it here. So I just think it's a whole kickback situation and for not, you know. What money? The space force's ridiculous We need to move to the next level. Like you said earlier. We went to the moon back. And what? The sixties or seventies 69 years Since we've been there, it Zagat stagnant. We haven't moved any. I always hear people, you know. I mean, when they always say Well, we can't put a man on the moon. I go. What? We did it, You know, 50 years ago, and we did it with less technology we have now I mean, the lamb that computer on the land was about his advanced As a toaster oven. That's that's how minimum technology they used to get, man on the moon. You know, we have cell phone technology. You go around the corner. It cuts out yet they were able to have a clear open signal from the moon to the Earth. Nixon even called them on the phone. I mean, I mean, this is where you know, Doesn't it sound a little farfetched to you? Get in the middle of the Cold War. It was easy to fool people. But once the cold War was over, we can't fool people anymore. We can cut back now. We can. We can take away space shuttle programs we can weaken, you know, cut back on the Artemus program on on consolation, and you know, I just I don't know. It just bothers me that no one can put two and two together here. I mean, how is it that we went to the moon 50 years ago, and now we can't. How is it that we're just bogging it all down and not allowing for the dreams of those young people who saw the first moon landing? How could we not see that in our lifetime when we actually invested our imaginations into it? That's what bothers me. Why can't we have it in our lifetime? When our imaginations have invested in this since the time we were Children? Yes, exactly. And we should be in, you know, flying cause right now. Yeah. Where's my flying car? I want my flying car. Well, I guess you could argue. It's an airplane. A flying car is and we've got flying cars. They're called airplane. Go to Glen in Texas. I go in your own ground zero A good evening clad great show. Thank you. Uh, Well, you touched on briefly on everything I wanted to say. Uh, you know, in the sixties, it was a technology test. We would going, uh, the fact that Kennedy said, uh, within 10 years relevant, he had nothing to do with it. Uh, Today. It's all economics like you were saying And I wanted to see under the umbrella of space force. Uh, do what needs to be done. He's the constellation heavy lets you called. Just lose. Uh Ma Julie built spacecraft to us in orbit Build Cruiser, a big cruiser where Amar's trip would be a walk in the park. Multiple Anders Tripoli. Identity and rescue, no ridiculous capsule trying to land on Mars and hit a golf ball for a couple of days. And I think that you know, I think that though, Glenn I think that if we were to go back into space, we're put man either on an asteroid or on Phobos T Most Mars I don't know. I think maybe there was a lot more serious. There would be a lot more serious work that had to be done rather than see before it was an experiment. I mean, once you experiment with something new you could do with it. Whatever you want. I mean, I remember, you know, Let's use an example of metaphor mean MTV. When they first came on the air. They were a music channel they use the moon landing is their example of how unique this was the idea of putting, you know, radio music into video and putting it on TV. And I remember, you know, working with You know, we're working with different people in the business. One of the things that Nina Blackwood I worked with her at a company called Nbg and she was a she was a jock that worked there She was a VJ. I asked her. I said, when you did MTV tell me about what it was like to be a part of something like that. And she said it was like landing on the moon because whatever we did, we had to be the originators because we were the first on the scene. So whatever we do was experimental. Whatever we did in front of the camera. We were making the rules and that's what it was. When we landed on the moon. We landed on the moon and we were the first to do that. So we meet all the rules. You put the flag in the ground. You're right. You drive around on a rover. You read the Bible. You play golf. You do a bunch of Masonic rituals on the moon. That's what we did. Okay, That's what we did then. But now it's a lot more serious. We don't go up on the moon. We don't play high five golf. We don't You know, we don't throw a Frisbee. We don't jump up and down. Drop the you know we don't drop the feather and the hammer and the bowling balls. We go up there to do some serious work. And I think that's why I think that's what we need to think about when we think about the moon landing on Mars landing if we do it in 2024. A marginally designed that, like module area designed submarines would be that new issue. It would be the newest thing. It wouldn't be a capsule you have you have research. You have speed, you have stamina. It would be the newest thing. Well, yeah, I mean, that's the thing, though, is you? You have to understand that budget concerns wouldn't make it that sleek Unless they have a really good bid. They could do something for less. And it was always NASA's concerned. Keep everything in expensive. You have that. What was it? What was it that Gus Grissom said. He says we have. We're going up in a rocket where the lowest bidder is supposed to tell us that with the least amount of money they're gonna they're gonna make a safe when you go into space. It is true. I mean, they're not going to be. I'm sure you want musk and others They're gonna have like you say a sleek ship. They want the ship to return. They want it all to be cool. And Yeah, that's great. That's innovation. The truth of the matter is is, if we really desperately want to get into space, we really desperately wanna have dominance. We're going to do exactly what Gus Grissom worried about, and that is the lowest bid for the best for the best machine. Basically what's going? Oh, yes, I was. I was speaking military, not private sector under the umbrella of space force. All the injustice know they're using. They're using that for space force. They're not using our materials they're using I'm gonna be using materials from corporate entities like yuan Must Space X and And Lockheed Martin and all these other groups are gonna go to them. They're not gonna go toe..

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