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Flash. Thank you so much for that update, Charlie pellet. A redhead crossing the Bloomberg terminal, Biden and China's Xi directed aides to plan in a person meeting an official saying that Biden did not discuss potential tariff steps with she and that they discussed concerns on unfair China economic practices. And so this is of course building on the meeting that we know that they had earlier today right now. Yes, this is the call. Yeah, exactly. So it's interesting to see that it's continuing on. All right, something we're monitoring certainly and we're monitoring as well also the markets will get to that in just a moment. It's three 49 on Wall Street. The following is an editorial from Bloomberg opinion. This editorial was written by the Bloomberg editorial board. In close to four years in office, Brazilian president jair Bolsonaro has done little to instill faith in his commitment to democracy. He's claimed only God could remove him from office, chipped away at checks and balances and repeatedly questioned Brazil's well established voting system. Whether such bluster could translate into a concerted effort to reject an unfavorable outcome in October's presidential election, remains to be seen. But the mere possibility of an electoral crisis in Latin America's biggest country is one that corporate leaders should use their clout to prevent. Business coalitions and lobby groups can make clear the lasting economic harm that would be caused by any violations of basic democratic rules. Some have already signed an open letter in defense of democracy. That makes sense. After all, companies would have nothing to gain from the unraveling of the world's fourth largest democracy. This editorial was written by the Bloomberg editorial board for more Bloomberg opinion. Please go to Bloomberg dot com slash opinion or go on the Bloomberg terminal. These has been Bloomberg opinion. I'll turn on the radio. Yeah, but you let me drive. Oh, no. No, no, no. Honey, please. I'll do the driving drive on. Excuse me, I want to drive. It's a good question for tribes. This is the drive to the clubs. On Bloomberg radio. This indeed everybody, we are just about 9 minutes away from the

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