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That's what I'm doing. My spare time AJ's follow me around put a tail on the very bored. Couple points on that hard. Didn't think anybody would actually do it. And the Miami Herald reporters were already already they use that post-facto as justification. I think I think Mets book full Gary one great takeaway for him was Finally, I mean, probably the smartest politician that may have ever been in American one of the smartest to be known as doing the dumbest thing, I think to him was one of those great injustices Menton book put that you know, to ride said it was a throwaway Coleman and. And they were already falling him around. But I I people to okay. So view the movie, and he's these whole three weeks from the idea that he did it. Right. Okay. So he did it. And and then view it from the prison that maybe there was nothing with done. Right. Maybe nothing that he meant. Maybe this whole story in the Atlantic that leeann watered set the whole thing up. Okay. Take that as a n view from that prison. Then watch a man who did retiring, right? What's up by ticket? Every time. Mentioned that as kind of an aside that Jim fallow piece in the Atlantic. Yeah. Was pretty fascinating. That's an I'm man, I'm curious your view on this sincere. The world's expert basically follows spoke to a very famous media. Guy raced rather who worked for harder who had like a deathbed conversation with water, George Bush's strategist who told him that the monkey business the images, the whole thing was sort of set up by Bush's campaign. Do you buy that? I don't know Brian. I mean, you know, I I'm like you. I find it fascinating. I think here's what I know. I I think it's perfectly plausible that the Republicans would have set out to do hard at that point. I also think that so many decisions were made by people who I know were not part of a plot that week that, you know, I don't think you could construct a rube Goldberg machine quite that intricate right people use judgement and bad judgment often. And so I think it's possible both things were going on. I don't think you could any conspiracy could've. Count for all the things that happened that week or how it unfolded? But ultimately for us. It's it's just interesting. I mean, we're more interested in the forces that set it all in motion, and how it changed the industry. I mean, we regardless of what set that in motion. So I'm fascinated. I've talked to Jim Fowler about it. And I I've given him new paths to go down. And I hope he keeps looking at it. Because I think it's a fun thing to speculate about, but I it is just really special relevance. If if it happened is it still is at an like, maybe for you that is that that disqualifies someone is again candidate. But I don't know. I don't know if it does or not honestly, I think sometimes it's the reaction to it that that if he had said, and I don't know if I if we can go back to nineteen eighty seven and say, well, what should he have done? What could he have done? Could he have somehow right? Gotten out of this for the good of the country to to push forward. His ideas, the fun of it. Right. Watching it. I was like if Gary was only interested in political survival. I have no doubt. It could have got out of that in a second. But. But. You know? I've been on for starters on record. You know, my wife, and I have been married for thirty years with two or three separations. But we together we working on it. And like any couple we committed to doing our best. Anyway, we move onto nominee like moving on like. And the moment that because that's one of them saying if you view from the prison, let's say nothing happened right with that situation. And then you've got a man whose principal is first thing is going to protect my wife and children..

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