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Of this world good with what he's doing okay so there we are having a special treat having are are a little dinner after we saw jeff in joe cali over there dropping off the thing and i ask for the bill and they said no you're bills been taking care and i'm i'm think always there can't be lucciano komo no don't do no no no no jack chrysoula in i said what jack chris shula was here you didn't see him but he saw you and he bought your dinner a member of the wjr family here humbly ask former soula anything's possible on wjr and now i now we know even a a dinner on jacket spot as i was stunned is your any adriana much is your any will actually axa very successful us man long before he started diary of lic very successful but is there a better feeling than getting ready now to pay for something s in finding out they added if ordered more would cannot that bottle of champagne era art desert bottle of champagne speaking of too late were running behind so anyway thank you jack look i called him and left a message thanking them he i guess he and pam were there never saw them but do they know what a good restaurant to in them and buckles great he does great job with the b galore and now this craft beer thing i don't quite fully understand remember the name of it but i've got find out but to look channel designate orrick put a great job what a jeweled have in our community six of fourteen it wjr wow days.

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