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Might be playing Elvis Presley and his upcoming is a buyout Baker biopic biopic myopic will tell you the front runners are beautiful man I wonder how he's going to play chunky all the stuff no he's going to get the job Honduras on the way in minutes not John Waite from back in the eighties the sums call missing you it's part of ninety seven point one wash FM is for right every time close from way back through today DC's ninety seven point one wash FM the Hollywood for a look at your show biz buzz tell me tell me in the morning at ninety seven point one wash FM here's what's going on Anderson Cooper got richer you know as a lot of people did expect he inherited most of his mom Gloria Vanderbilt state after she passed away which has been estimated to be worth like two hundred million dollars now in the past and in interviews Anderson has said repeatedly that he never expected to inherit his mother's fortune and that was because he said it would suck the ambition.

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