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I mean, we got good pace of play going here. See, that's the beauty of being a pitcher is that you can control the tempo of the game. If you wanna work slow and piss people off. You can do that. If you want to work fast and piss people off or work fast because it works well for you. You could do that. That's what I loved about. Being a pitcher is that you control the tempo I use of work fast and all sudden take my time. Just because the certain hitter that was coming up I just couldn't stand and I'm like I'm gonna get in this guy's grill. So I'm gonna literally take 30 seconds in between pitches, and then somebody else, not quick pitch. But you know, getting back on the mound and getting like Alex would That guy works fast and again. If you go back to this podcast, we were all excited when they signed would to the one year deal, And I think some people are wondering why. I mean the guy's a good picture. And and I don't know what to see that If you talk about the Evan flow of the season, we'll wait to see how they You know how they're looking. And, you know, come the dog days of summer as they say, but as of right now, Wow. Hey, real quick song parody idea, Tony, this one's for you. I'll just do the very ending. I just had an idea of a joke. But if it's good, maybe we'll do something. Alison chains would the very seriously the very end of the two and Tony legs would could you go? You want to do something? Something I'm working on? Tony go ahead like that. I like that. I mean, there's a lot of different ways you could take the wood for Alex would write. I mean, seriously, though, And while I was watching gospel yesterday, the guy throws you know, mid to high nineties and these dropping this 82 mile an hour changeup. It's so good watching these guys on their front foot. Because they're looking fastball and trying to react. I mean, it is. It's It's beautiful. It zits really fun to watch and listening to Sean s is on the Murphy Mac program this morning. He was just the way he was talking about. Picture is just being so good in this era of baseball. I agree. I mean, there's a lot of no hitters, but that's because pitchers have gotten so strong and so You know they're mastering certain pitches. And you know if you throw 98 you come back with an 82 mile hour changeup That's like that's like diving out of the zone that's really, really difficult to hit. Yeah, and mean So. All the while. You know, we have these amazing pitching performances coming at US. Web is Kind of modeling himself after Alex would moving faster in the tempo going and I think Cueto is going to pick it up here pretty soon, but all the while we got guys coming back from the D l we got the Grandpa dick. He's back. And don Juan. Oh, Donnie barrels. Donnie barrels back. I love watching that kid hit. I missed him. Miss Dani barrels and by the making meek somebody else I miss it is going to give a shout out of love across the country to the New York met Kevin Pilar as he took a ball of the face, which means he posted a video and have to try and find the audio about him talking about how he feels. Not bad for the picture that hit him, But he can understand why the what the picture is going through after hitting him in the face, and it's like that is that's Kevin floor. In a nutshell. Empathy right and he was. He was not a giant for long when he was a great giant for a short amount of time, and I was pretty bummed out when they got rid of him. He's a guy that would fit in. To this team. I think pretty well. And I have a question about something I saw on social media on Twitter and I don't know the answer to this, Paulie. You might Shannon. You might I saw the picture. Buster Posey, Britain and Brandon Crawford in a couple of the Giants in the team bus, all wearing disco like seventies gear, Not nice, and I'm wondering. Because disco disco Vanni Pitched What's today Thursday. He pitched on Tuesday, and it was his first game back at Cincinnati after playing for the Reds, and I'm wondering if they all dressed up in disco gear for the team bus ride to and from the ballpark and there was nothing. There was no heading or anything about the photos just Crawford and disco gear and necklaces and stuff. And Posey and I've heard for the grapevine. That discovery doesn't even like the nickname Disco. But we're gonna General I milk it all the time. How could you not? All right, you know, But if that is the case, and they got dressed, have been discussed before disco, Vanni AK disco That just shows how loose this team is how much fun they're having, and just to finance his first year on the on the ball club, Shannon likes to say, and, um And they're already embracing this guy and certain you know, goofs and team gags and that scene that kind of stuff That's the sign of like a really good team that has a lot of good chemistry and you know That that that's a good sign down that down the stretch is they say, Tony taught me this a long time ago. Shannon, I'm dead. Serious to Tony was like, Hey, when somebody when you're interviewing somebody, and somebody says something interesting, ask him a question about what he just said, Tony, I'd like to use that tactic on your own reply. If I could. I'd like you to tell me as you are proud. You know, again, like if you knew the podcast. First of all we welcome aboard. It's great having you Shannon Caylor Stone. Fox is lead vocalist can be our Creative Department. Creative Tony Ryan, creative director Polly McMurphy Mac Show and Paulie's Podcast Jock cast. Creative. Tony has a pretty good baseball resume play playing college ball locally, ST Mary's in USF, So I said, I turned it right back to you based on what you just said..

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