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Like when i stay at their house. There's always something like oh. Don't get on the treadmill. It's missing one of the tracks and metal on metal. And i'm like what okay you want me to take a look look It's fine i i just. I haven't used it for the last six months. It's been like six months. You never fixed it so like everything is like no hot water in the washer machine. She was taking hot water from the sink. And dumping it out. Get into the walter. Unlike some people just are fine with leaving things. Broken forgiven haddish. Wasser for the past couple of weeks and i know a dishwasher is a luxury i fully understand that. But i haven't done anything about it yet. Handwashing in using paper but paper plates. Just like the amish make a phone call and actually too lazy shannon. I also just grab some paper plates. Yeah now it's summertime. that's how meghan what's up it's mojo in the morning. I just wanted to say that some. Tv's you can actually download an app on your phone to thank you for swearing to on that one do but you know what when i look through my remote. It's an spit moment for me too. I get very upset with that Thank you crazy. Your house like has just been broken forever and you never bothered. Fix me and thank god. Nobody has tried to try to fix it but no i. Don't you know what in our house will will run crossing our. I gotta tell you guys. We hooked up the ice maker this weekend. I don't guy told you the biggest thing in ours is. We don't want to replace our refrigerator. 'cause it's a pain in the ass and to do it and try to find it so our refrigerators. Ice was not has not been working for years. We hooked up this gift that spike and shannon gave me with the little palate. Is it's fantastic. I've been chewing ice nonstop now. Chelsea wants to kill me because actually chelsea's been really enjoying it too fun. Yeah it's in your kitchen base. Now it's in the kitchen. It's on it's on the kitchen counter in its next to the Air fryer we have so much on our kitchen counter. Now that chelsea's going through a point where it's just like all right. We gotta figure this stuff out already because there's every devices come out recently are so wonderful. But it's a countertop device in put it away in pullback out non stuff we use both like the ice obviously we're gonna use daily the air fryer. We almost us every single day chelsea. Cook something in the air fryer so that happens all the time and then you get the coffee machine curious machine. You know the necessity. It's like which one is going to go what's going. We're gonna play a game of survivor at our house. And which one of these items that we will finally get rid of. But thank you guys. It's excellent and actually tells both why didn't you bring this home sooner. You used it with them like come on. Stop at those guys have been giving me crap about it to well. You know what happened. shannon snuck in your house and broke your ice machine so you'd finally marquette no honestly it's been broken for over the talk about what's been broken for walton's been broken for two years. Maybe just i don't wanna get a new refrigerator and and we've had a guy come out. We had a guy come out to service it and he goes yeah. I'm sorry but if they don't even make the parts anymore for i'm not getting a whole new. Refrigerators for the ice machine. So device at shell gas station in doing.

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