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Hello and welcome to the israel. Daily news podcast. I'm your host shanna fold. I'm here to give you the headlines so you can get caught up quickly. You're listening so you're already on top of your game. A- survive and thrive people knowledge is the best weapon. today is tuesday march thirtieth. Twenty twenty one hope. You had an excellent long weekend for me. It was a bender of eating and drinking and napping and playing board games. We had to seder's here in new york. How was it for you. Send me a note and let me know how your passover was if you celebrated it now. Let's get to the news. post election. Drama is continuing to unfold with new reports. Saying neftali bennett of the yamuna party is refusing to join a coalition with yet year. Lapierre of the a tea party unless he can become prime minister in the new government benefits anti antebi right-wing party yamina earned only seven seats in last week's election compared to lupis centrist yishai teed party that gained seventeen. If lapierre is able to secure yamina seven seats it could potentially be the deciding factor in successfully creating an anti netanyahu coalition with enough seats to form a government benefits. Ambitious demand does not come as a surprise considering before the election. He did sign a pledge on tv stating that he would not allow european to become prime minister. Coalition with lobbied in charge is beginning to look like the anti bb blocks. Best chance at up seating the current prime minister with us eighteen. You party leader of ignore lieberman indicating that he would support lead to form a new government. Lieberman is a former. Bb ally party. Whose party gained a crucial five seats in the election. Lieberman is definitely a controversial figure in israeli politics. Bahrain has officially put an ambassador in place for israel. Collide yousef jalamah has been approved by the kingdom of buck rains foreign minister abdullatif eliza yanni bahrain's official news agency released all of those details. A dilemma has worked with the. Us embassy in the past and the department says they are excited to make this move toward peace with israel. There has been no word about where they will put their embassy within israel. Thirteen jews from yemen have been pushed out of the country and relocated to cairo. Not israel the community had fifty thousand jews in the nineteen forties and now this family of thirteen has been expelled leaving. Just six jews in yemen. You see yemen is backed and the who group was started in the nineteen nineties with its militant leader coming from a tribe known as the who these today. It's an armed group that uses violence in forest to control the area in a deal with egypt. This with the faction moved the group to cairo egypt where the yemen jewish family has relatives. This was apparently in part for the release of livy. Salam mussa mar hobby. Who was part of the community or is part of the community and who has been imprisoned in yemen since he was caught and arrested for smuggling and torres grohl out of yemen an into israel where it would be properly cared for that was in two thousand sixteen. And there's a photo of the family with netanyahu the who the's however believed that that torah scroll is a national artifact to yemen and should have remained in the country. Muhabi has not been officially released. Despite the foreign secretary of state. Mike pompeo for the united states calling for him to be taken out of jail. The family had requested to go to the united arab emirates where other remaining jews have relocated from yemen. It wasn't going to work bureaucratically and the who group arranged for the family to join their relatives in cairo. They've been put up in housing there as i said six remain and one is still in prison. Forty nine thousand yemenite. Jews were rescued by israel when the state became official in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight in those years leading up to that moment as well as anti semitism was rampant in yemen and pro zionist sentiment among the jewish community was condemned with violence. I lived in the yemenite quarter of israel. Which is a little neighborhood within tel aviv. I lived there for two years near shoe carmel. This area was actually established in the early. Nineteen hundreds one thousand nine hundred four by tim. Une- or yemenite many walked through the middle east with charras and kids on their backs in hopes of living freely as jews in the holy land today. The quarter is called carom had demo name which means the vineyard of the yemenite s- israel's national security council's warning citizens that iran may try to attack israelis while they are vacationing or travelling overseas. The ns see the national security council says that iranian officials have threatened to attack israeli targets over the last few months. Iran has already been linked to a bombing at the israeli embassy in india and january. The warning is especially prevalent due to israelis beginning to travel abroad again after gaining a sense of protection from israel's massive vaccination campaign more than five million people out of the nine million have been vaccinated. The nfc went on to single out. Israel's new gulf partners the uae and bahrain as especially risky as well israel also warned citizens back in december to avoid travelling to the gulf countries due to fear that iran may seek revenge for the death of its chief nuclear scientists who is believed to be assassinated with us israeli cooperation. Now here's some news for me. I mentioned this on thursday. I wrote an exclusive guide. It is called produce something how to overcome being overwhelmed and start your own project. This book is in response to so many people who have gotten in touch with me asking me how i started. Podcast how i accomplish the things that i do how i write stories. What my process is if you or someone you know or someone you love is struggling to start or finish a creative endeavor. Tell them not to pass over it. This week is about renewal. It's passover greener pastures looking ahead. Spring is on the horizon. Passover is a time of doing the things that you've been putting off jews literally clean out the house. And they begin to plant the buds of new beginnings. So if you're busy or things keep getting in your way or you feel so overwhelmed and anxious that you can't even start your project. i have something for you. This passover if not executing your project is making you feel more nervous and each day you put it off because you're feeling more and more overwhelmed. This is exactly what you need. It is.

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