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I'm john batchelor this is the john batchelor show professor malcolm gaskell his new book is between two worlds have the english became americans it divides very neatly into three parts we are addressing the first part here this is the early decades of the 17th century when the english threw themselves a jamestown and james river and also at plymouth and then eventually soon enough a john winthrop's and the winthrop fleet landing in boston charlestown boston but there are other parts of this story that introduce themes that live on here into the twentyfirst century and first new finland newfoundland we now know today is not companionable as was the virginia coast store the new england coast a special the west indies but at the time it was not obvious and what i learned from you professor is that it newfoundland and meryl bhd represent reactionary settlers house so what does that tell us about who is coming to the new world moot potumoe he settle uh maryland famously also newfoundland i'm for a short while he didn't stay terribly low but the what he does he maryland to more happens in nuclear actually rooted in the same vision which is over a reactionary a sort of a dream i spurs of an old england but particularly a catholic england because england has become prost and country in the 16th century it's a long drawnout process but there are significant numbers the catholics who still live in england who are often persecuted and so you know it's not just a pilgrim follicles he won't go in worship freely in so those at the other end of the religious spectrum the catholics who see that they may be able to go to kept american worship freely to and that's really what's happening in newfoundland for short at a time and then uh you know much more extensively in maryland maryland and it is striking to me that's as sir john harvey he was the governor in virginia right he yes sir john harvey he was tolerant of the.

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