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I'm John Matthews as we close in on a year of all virtual learning, it's becoming clear many students or simply not thriving with Lessons delivered on a flat screen. Montgomery County reports, for example, that 36% of ninth graders from low income families failed English in the first marking period. That is a six fold jump over last year, and it follows a similar report from Fairfax County in recent days. Concerns over the effectiveness of the virtual model has prompted several local counties to push forward with kids and classrooms. Even is the spread of coded picks up steam. Like much of the region. Frederick County is seeing its coronavirus case spread growing to all time highs. But county executive Jang Gardner is loath to pushing back with more restrictions. We are again trying to not add more rules and regulations, but have everybody follow what's already out there, and she's put more resource is in place to enforce existing rules over mask, social distancing and crowd sizes. Counties. Daily Covert caseload has tripled in the past month, DC's mayor says she's looking to the Trump Administration to increase the city's allotment of covert vaccine. We sent a letter to our partners at Operation Warp Speed to increase the district's vaccine allotment, D. C. Mayor Mariel Bowser says Why the current allotment just isn't enough. Approximately 75% of our mortar than 80,000 health care workers are residents. Of Maryland and Virginia and not the district. Bowser says Maryland and Virginia residents can get a covert test in D. C so they should be able to get a vaccine here to Maria. Leave one W M A, L and W M a l dot com has been pandemic drags on. The number of domestic abuse cases continues to rise. I don't see a decrease in the rate of people coming into our shelter. We had three families come into shelter just last night. Dr. Judy Hanley, executive director of the Loudon Abused Women's Shelter, says they have had double.

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