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We couldn't do it without the hall of famer himself the founder of the four horsemen the creator of the spine buster. He is aa. He is the enforcer. He's ernie anderson aren't how are you. Man am always good sir. As long as i am co hosting with you. Well i appreciate that compliment. It has been a fun year. We've sort of flip flop the format. We're going back to your roots. And we're breaking it down. Month-by-month join us today as we journey through june of nineteen eighty five. Am i get things. Kicked off with tv in atlanta and man. This is A big time for you. Just add context. It's now officially been revealed that you're not only an anderson But you're going to be teeming with all the anderson who you grew up watching on tv as a young georgia wrestling fan. And not only. Are y'all teaming together. Actually the national tag team champ. So it's a big tom in your career and you're working for arguably the second biggest promoter in the whole country it's come down to what is essentially a two horse race sur. Sure the awa and bill watts world or still around but it was really hard to compete with w tbs it was not called the superstation by accident. The market penetration. There is not just a syndicated. Show here there. And certainly mid atlantic and jim crockett. Promotions had that but this is nationwide baby x. In fact worldwide i mean folks abroad. Were seeing what you guys were doing. -solutely at you know we were if you go back and listen to the last couple of podcasts. We've been skipping around. You know all over the country jim. Crockett promotions is trying to figure out where that new television where it's going and what the immediate effects are and where some good towns and you know. We're kind of been skipping around. They're just trying to figure okay. We've got that television. That goes everywhere. Now what are the markets that are still hot leftover from either georgia championship wrestling. Or whatever. so lot of you know exploratory work going on this. What is this particular. Tv what is the date you have that there. We're gonna be talking about june first nine thousand nine hundred eighty five. This is where we had the whole brett sawyer thing and we sort of teas that before but one a segment was I believe it's a singles match with you. Larry clark when after the bow. That's when things really come to ahead let's Let's actually go ahead and take a listen right now. This is A clip from arn anderson versus. Larry cook that would've aired on july. The eighth are sorry. June the eighth but it was filmed on the. I believe as you probably picked up by now arn was putting over a lot of people back in the day But not as often as we're putting over gyco gotcha go save some money. Geico dot com. It'd be glad you did and the rain now. A man brad. You've been talking about iron anderson very good you know. He wouldn't be wearing that trap around his waist. But i'm just here you know just to look things over and they tried to take my brother's eyesight which i've said before is Guys is you cannot get back right so.

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