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You'll see look cordon woman marzel in the with the put this apart they say okay you thank you know everything about their good march the channel knows a little about that small case that he did back in the day back in this was back in nineteen forty one 18 taken a night warning while one a year in the case that that the exploring in his film is a is a rape case that took place in bridgeport connecticut where you had a rich white woman you know that was big back then white women blaming black man for the rape and rich white woman named eleanor streaming play by kate hudson she claims she was raped by her black chauffeur play bus during k brown who not only raped her she planes but tried to kill her by thai her up gagging her in throw her over into a bridge where she was lucky enough to know how to swim in break free in make it to safety illness sure not just the claim of a black man avin consider i had a consensual sex with a white woman is enough to get you killed but rape they want this they wanted this man did it was so bad for some people that they've in articles they when he put pictures up of the rupee they put it picked up of king conquering a white when they spatial is in the move that was like about amy wiz as you in.

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