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What which is what we're announcing here today. Teachers who usually get two days of professional development at the beginning of the school year, and we all know this is going to be a school year. Unlike any school year we've ever started. Will now get nine and we've heard from our educators We've heard from our school leaders. We've heard from everyone in our schools that have said we need some more time. Students who haven't been inside a school building in half a calendar year. Think about that. We'll have a chance to reconnect with their school, meet their teachers and classmates and make sure that they have the tools that they need to be successful for this school year. There's a lot of groundwork that's already been done The lay the groundwork for this successful school year, this will strengthen and improve and make it so that we do have the safest start of this school year. What we'll do in the next couple of weeks is build on. The success that's already been put in place and adapt were necessary. But it's going to be more important than ever that we remember the two words that we pivoted to remote learning with in March. Flexibility and patients with each other with our students because we're all taking on something we've never taken on before, So we know the school year's going to be unlike any other school year we've ever had. Oh, and we're excited about tackling these hard heart issues but doing it in a way that keeps our students our staff on everyone associated with our school's healthy and safe. Mr Mayor, if I could. I'd like to say a few words in Spanish. Those laws leaders then Mr Sindicatos, companeros que esperar breed. L. A new school. Yes, Thomas. I understand Toys. Okay, idea being you know the September issue Be Meridia, the molasses in persona, the more they Loe. Blended learning Eka asunder. Leah? Yes, he say this at the embassy maestros wanting to connect our second studio and this dog, a scoliosis to the antis. He's seen embargo in West Los maestros. Well, when Allison either India or chose 10 grand must monitor and whether the Yes and you're listening to Mayor de Blasio and City schools.

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