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We empower individuals and families neil sufficiency our may of whole program and that's been very successful in getting a working on a case by case basis so that people can can uh stand proud themselves in their chief and meet their specific goals we help individuals uh that are trapped in our life of human trade through our antihuman trafficking and in baghdad have we address the needs of those facing substance abuse through the eidhr harbour late so uh drug and alcohol treatment program we resolve even a legal is that are affecting lowincome families and individuals sendai us veterans through gbi subject i'm he's william boost legal aid clinic we also the obstinacy of the services that i think people have become aware of that in light of the most recent hurricanes that have devastated uh and destroyed uh areas of our our world so there's a plethora of human needs being math done not just stay christmas which we highlighted at christmas and we certainly need uh egg penny of the seven point eight five million dollars gold that that said to be raised so that we can uh meet the needs of those that are impoverished sure a new day but you know what does there's there's there's no question majors that it's at the christmas season len when people seem to be the most generous to when they're in the giving spirit than they wanna help as many others as they can make them happen fear and sowa wdov.

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