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Framing that can change your favorite sports river billion to a great piece of art it's worth framing it's worth framing right nineteen ten frame March twenty eight twenty nine union Avenue special light it's senior night at bad axe form with more on that let's say four sided gable ocean and Matt Dillon welcome back everybody folks piling in for this game I think it would be a pretty good crowd I hope they'll come out to see the only senior and that would be I'd say a breach the six ten to twenty four young man from Durham North Carolina started his career at Kansas state south plains Texas junior colleges wary of that up really go and then I came here and he was able last second side by the Titans really needed some bodies were here just take over that program came in and you know he's had his ups and downs he loves to shoot from the outside he's built like a guy you could go more inside this year he's averaged three point seven points a game two point four rebounds and he started off on fire from the outside that's just to keep it going you're right that got great form go out before every stretches the floor that's a big thing about and I think the thing about a separate speech basically the topic troubles which has a little bit quicker inside and I he's not a real muscular build got kind of a stand alone like he got it he can really shoot the basketball he goes out every night big shot made it big with the other day it out in the world the three I made a big difference in the game of the second he's gonna have to guard at least in the beginning because he's going to get the start he is going to have to guard Jamie S. unique Hey the.

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