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On your sensors are correct. Do not adjust your heading. You've discovered the Omega particle streaming to the Alpha quadrant and beyond beyond. Here's your host the Omega Banker Man. Dr Happiest Jonathan Beginning on these eastern coast of the United States. Thank you for tuning in listening to the final four episodes the conclusion of the war. Thank you so much for listening guys. We are actually very very close to surpassing five hundred downloads worldwide. And just want to thank you all for that It's been tremendous. I've never thought this would get that large. And then also we pass a thousand instagram followers. We're going to do a giveaway so stay tuned to the mega particle podcast instagram. And you can find this out with a convenient name of at a mega particle podcast. So we're probably I'm thinking of maybe like a digital download the game giveaway or maybe a star Trek Catan giveaway something along those lines. So keep tuned we're doubling and do it and Um exciting just as my way of giving back to all the support you guys have given me. Yes. I'm very excited about the conclusion of this series. I Apologize For taking a little bit longer than normal to produce and edit this podcast episode because it is so much material majority. The Borg Activity Occurs In the twentieth century. Due to. That's when the federation became known about the work so it's a lot so hopefully I'll try to keep it a shortest possible hopefully under an hour but if it goes longer. I apologize however I just wanted to say. Let's get into the board and that's why you're all here. Let's start the board episode three. Obviously before we begin..

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