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L ranch. Always always good. Yes. Which by the way is where we're hosting our tenth anniversary palooza September the twenty eight that's a Friday from five thirty to ten in the morning, actually, six to ten for this deal six to ten. That's that's just a minor detail. We'll be you'll be there by five thirty on the air at five thirty. Yeah. But we'll let people in it's six. Okay. You want to go ahead and finish this. Go ahead. Tell folks about it. Ten years ten years. We've been doing this show. We got to Mark the occasion, we got to celebrate it in a big way. So we're going do match El Rancho you're gonna be in the audience. Folks, we want you to be able to be there. But this is an invitation only deal, very exclusive audience. So we're going to be giving you details on how you can get on that list. And we want you to be there. We love all of you, all except one of you. And we want to get as many people in we can. But we got invite you. That's it Senate candidate battle Rourke goes to bat for illegal immigration and universal healthcare during a town hall at Texas State university over the weekend. The democrat also touched on text messages sent out last week to his supporters asking them to give legal immigrants or ride to the polls. So they can vote. Apparently, there was someone sending out text messages on behalf of our campaign, but not approved by our campaign as soon as we were made aware of it. We put an end to it. And that person is not allowed to text for us anymore. You saw the texting issue. But what about you giving illegal immigrants arrived to vote answer that question? Kenny illegal immigrants vote for you. Mr. Rourke has been growing speculation that could actually unseat longtime, Texas Senator Ted Cruz. In fact, there's several articles over the weekend. And some of our biggest newspapers in the country that say that Ted Cruz is kind of in the hot seat here. Lot of a lot of you know, the political talking heads on both sides of the battle has a real shot at this thing. I think it's going to be taught I do. But as I've said, I don't trust polls. I think polls are pretty much meaningless. So I think this race is only close because of Ted Cruz. If it was another Republican candidate berto wouldn't have a chance. Yeah. There's still a lot of negativity towards Ted Cruz because Donald Trump was so critical of him on the campaign trail, some Republicans are still upset with Ted Cruz. Well, they're upset also about his his performance at the. At the convention. It was. It was a tough thing for a lot of Republicans to swallow. And he probably lost a lot of faithful that night. But I he's going to win it. I think it's probably going to be a bigger margin than we think. But again, it's it'll come down to that night. I just I'm not concerned that he's gonna lose. I don't you know. He's everywhere aerobics everywhere. He's got a lot of money to spend. We're seeing the signs ever. It seems like there's a saturation of him which might appear that he's got more momentum going, but I don't I don't know. That's the case. Did you get a chance to watch the US open, and it turned really controversial? Yeah. Serena Williams, she'd lost the US open final after some emotional outbursts with the chair umpire. Well, here's the story. Williams was assessed a second set code violation for illegal coaching. Serena told umpire Carlos Ronald it was just a thumbs up signal after a second violation for breaking a racket. Serena lost one point. She also demanded an apology for being labeled a cheater following third violation for verbal abuse. Williams lashed out. Courtesy ESPN Williams. Lost the match Japan's Naomi Osaka. Babur tally. Fox news. Bottom line. What we had here is the veteran tennis player getting her ass beat by this younger player, which unfortunately is kind of going unnoticed bright Asaka deserves her chance there at the podium. Yeah. She was crying and apologized for beating her just so happy to be here. I'm very sorry. The crowd was booing her this child because she beat a great athlete. Why couldn't have I couldn't the spectators? Why couldn't the announcers just give her the first first female Japanese player to win while everyone's open. They were booing because they didn't agree with some of the calls. I guess, but some of them might have been doing because they didn't agree with Williams behavioral and was a rough weekend for Serena Williams fide a total of seventeen thousand dollars three code violations during the US open the tournament referees office Sunday, docked Williams, ten grand for verbal abuse of the chair umpire Carlos Ramos four thousand for being worn for coaching and three thousand four breaking her racket during the match. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I couldn't stay in her behavior. You know, whatever happened. I don't think it happened because she wanted accused of. Any of this because she was a woman. It was not a sexist. Call come on. I made on the men's side. She may you know, what it depends on what the circumstances are. And maybe maybe there was something personal. Maybe this this this up that that that made the call whoever made the call they needed Liker. Maybe didn't I don't like her. I don't like how you're making the case for her to be mad. Well, I don't know. I don't know. I have no idea, but you don't like her. I never had. I it's it's I've never liked to her personality. I've never liked her sister's personality, I think they're both really really just they're divas. Do I respect their game? Yeah. In sports. With me. Anyway, they're like a lot of golfers, for example. Like him. I won't want them to win. I won't care if they win or not in a lot of it. I can't pinpoint what it is. Just there's some like semi don't some. I don't even wanna look at. You know, I to be honest. I've never heard anybody say anything bad about among follow the US open the way you do among tennis players. They're a lot of folks that just don't like they're very brash. They're very lab. I don't find him likable people. That's that's it. That's mostly it for me. I don't find the Williams sisters likeable people. So I've never given a rip if they won or lost. Well, listen, I think that the coaching call the coaching violation was an overreaction by that umpire might have been the coach just gave her a thumbs up. Hey, good job. That's not coaching. So there you go. Michael in south Austin? Good morning. Hey, good morning. They usual this somebody texting illegals have right to vote. Why is that not a formal investigation who they could just stopping the texting is not gonna solve the problem? The slide is going to happen. You think he legal immigrants are voting? I think that can happen. Sure. Sure. It's it's been reported. There have been many stories over the years. I don't think I don't think it's in the numbers of like busloads of folks going to the polls. One more was not acceptable. He he he he has an answer the question the right way. He hasn't addressed the topic at hand. Content of the tax skirted over the he he said it was an unapproved text. Is that mean, it just didn't get approved? Do you approve of the messages battle battle Rourke five one two eight three six zero five ninety nine Sean Sean on three sixty good morning. Sean. Good morning guys. I think what the Serena Williams thing he might be suffering from a little bit of a perception problem because I remember a match or two ago where they have the judges that call the serve the service line. And she didn't like a call and says she's gonna you know, it the way they took it. She said that you're gonna kill them for making that call and just ran straight to the care NGO violated for that. Yeah. And then she's had some other racquet issues. So I think unfortunately, she might be suffered from reception problems. And they're pretty hard on her on the. We see the men lose their cool all the time in tennis and. We call it outspoken, and look how look how dedicated to the game they are. But if she does then she's hysterical and craze McEnroe, man. I felt the same way about him. I never liked McEnroe amazing player just shunning player. But I never thought any of his behavior was was was right. I didn't it wasn't justified. And it was a really really unsportsmanlike stay with us. So we got Trump tweets..

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