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The calls we've discussed our ongoing every week. There's something you can get access to his well. And I think we can probably wrap it up here. Right. Anything else you wanna wrap up with about sovereignty. Yeah. I think that sovereignty is becoming more and more relevant in our times, in part, because of the factors that we talked about that the world is becoming more chaotic people's meaning structures and identity structures, crumbling, and sovereignty is how they can operate in this world more effectively without getting swept up into something. Or an ideology, or some sort of a political system that tries to control them, or just being in a in a unpleasant state, not being able to make sense of anything not being able to make decisions you know, being in a perpetual state of outrage. That's just not fun. It isn't a lot of the, the states that these different Meam tribes, put you into are not healthy not productive. Don't feel good. They don't feel good to other people. You're trying to recruit either in the whole thing is just kind of one dimensional in, in boxing in very isolating, but they serve a purpose. They provide an identity and meaning structure. So if you can deconstruct you know, having the need for an extra external meaning structure in an externally defined identity. The new can actually be more sovereign. Did we expand enough on the meaning crisis or do you want to just do that in another time another one? Yeah. Actually, we're gonna, there's a great lecture series by John Vaki. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. It's very, very long. I think it's twenty hours currently in is going to be at fifty hours when it's done will link to it in the show notes and. It talks about the meaning crisis that we're going through right now. It takes kind of a very multi prong approach to it from mythology anthropology you know what's happening in the world right now. It's really, really interesting. I think you guys will like it from the way it sounds so far and only listened to a couple of them. It sounds like he's going through all the different steps of the spiral dynamic stages. Like he's kind of defining the lower stages through stories, and then telling the next stage. So I have a feeling he's going to go through all of that. I don't know for sure. But yeah, I've noticed that pattern is well, I don't know if I don't think he's explicitly mentioned it, but the interesting thing is that spiraled. Amick stages, also parallel the stages of human evolution, but they also parallelist ages of individual evolution from childhood to adult on societal and societal. Yeah. So yeah, so you mentioned him because we're we're we've signed up to do an interview with him, right? Yeah. We're going to do. An entry with him shortly. So that's gonna be fun. Yeah. That will be. Yeah. So we've got that coming up. We're gonna talk about m- tribes and the meaning crisis in the future. And I think probably the next one we're going to do is about sparkley AmEx and actually we could link in the medium tribes to that one, too, because we did that in the course. So we could probably expand on that, that one's a lot of fun. The idea is that you're looking out at the different Meam. Tribes, that exists in this can be like the intellectual dark web or social Justice worry movement, or I mean name a couple of others. I can't think of a whole lot. Yeah. In cells. Yeah. Yeah. There's we actually have a huge spreadsheet that we have mapped out all the different spiral dynamic levels to of all of the different Meam tribes that exists today and the spreadsheets fantastic. If you're interested in learning more about me, and tribes. It's just like it's so thorough all of the different we found it from the article Peter Lindbergh. And I can't remember the name of the other guy. I'm really sorry. But we will link to it actually in the show. There's gonna be a ton of links in that article with from Peter Lindbergh, I think, is a fantastic article but meaning crisis in about Memed tribes. Awesome. We base so much content in one of our lessons on that article, so. Yeah, interesting stuff, go.

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