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Still working on the jingle join today at apple FC you dot org not just for teachers anymore federally insured by NCUA equal opportunity lender what institutional racism in your police division why have you not corrected it if the school's soccer why have you not changed and there's no job creation in the black community in your city what have you done because the spark to the burn why were you take responsibility for the failure in your city I think the answer ought to be well I can't take responsibility why well I can't what's the reason of course they can take responsibility and I do not believe that ninety nine percent of the cops some our doing something regularly wrong they're not the facts indicate indicate things to the contrary every objective study indicates that a white person is numerically twice as likely to be killed by a cop justified then a black person twice as hard twice as much yeah but it's not reported because it doesn't fit and of course black on black violence which is destroying large parts of the black community in major urban areas is never discussed as a problem that causes difficulty in large parts of major cities because you can't blame should shall I say the victim for racism if there's racism and the schools and jobs police and fire there's racism all over the place like in big time media or in the newspapers or in universities who's in charge of the racism that would be liberals it's not because the racist because their policies don't work and there's more white and black flight out of areas I can't imagine York city returning to its prior glory for several years from now it'll take a long time it is too difficult to live there the costs are too high the Rosa regulations or oppressive taxes are ridiculous and there's too much crime is too expensive to live in urban areas so many black folks want to get out as others want to get out to live a normal faith filled life and lastly before I turn things over to you two events one by quickly and it didn't fit the media narrative so they weren't what well reported a few days ago hi Susan rice Obama's national security adviser who lied about Benghazi by the way was all with wolf Blitzer she said quote Susan rice quote I would not be surprised to learn that they have for men and some of the extremists on both sides that is the Russians using social media I would not be surprised to learn they are finding it in some way shape manner or form unquote so Susan rice is blaming the Russians for paying protesters slash riders and also mehr fry and that guy looks like a student council president in Minneapolis said quote we are now confronting white supremacist members of organized crime out of state agents agitators and possibly even foreign actors to destroy and destabilise our city and our region on quote so the mayor of Minneapolis blames foreigners and Susan rice says the Russians have done it the Russians have done now that doesn't fit the media narrative blame trouble course so it's not getting much play there's been more coverage of trump's tweets when there's been a failure a major city Liberal Democrats causing some of the writing the protest absolutely why because they wanna get trump out of office they tried everything imaginable this is one more thing to try I'm waiting for CNN press one of these big city mayors if there is institutional racism and your police department who appoints the police chief really and all that you mehr why am you corrected the problem you complain about it's wonderful to watch your great problems than to be the solution to their own problems and they get away with it because the media allows them to get away with it let's continue coming up later will be Wayne Allyn root the top of the last hour from Las Vegas I'm gonna talk to women about what's happening Las Vegas Boulevard it was opening up he sent me a text about two or three hours ago and he's gonna have a big rally on Las Vegas Boulevard on a Saturday starting at nine AM and also is Gerald Romero a prognosticator about what the election is going to look like in November the line becomes available eight six six.

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