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Usa radio news with rod william soul maximally is we are not helping people and that is new york senator gillaibrand showing some are rated language with their displeasure in washington after a day of islands trump tweets are back national correspondent joe gomez it had trump was noticeably absent on twitter yesterday has fired fbi director james comey delivered his first public remarks since being forced doubtless last month in a senate testimony comey accused the white house of defaming him after he was let go by saying the fbi was in disarray under his watch he called the assertions lies plain and simple this morning in his return the twitter the president tweeted out despite so many false statements and lies total complete vindication trump added wow colmey is the leaker joke come as nbc news radio washington usa radio news for years ovation cell therapy has been repairing dry damaged slapped lifeless hair i used ovation and love it what are you waiting for the unique breakthrough cell therapy treatment uses amino acids keanu drains and vital proteins to nourish the scalp entreat the hair former to end you won't find a treatment like cell therapy in any other hair caroline and it's one hundred percent guaranteed whether you have split ends curly hair flat here damage chair or hair that's.

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