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By all the rivers on earth put together while recently but in the 1500s we the european many the europeans europeans with a superior weapons technology now the is a little diversion he you've been to european air for me it was a big change because i got married after we had our children everything varies we got married and then how did out traveled tour of europe and so the video before two thousand six and saw it up on the history might their main pack of buggers as europeans they spend all their time killing each other in a horrible ways and they became because of their utter no dislike of each other really good at making weapons and so when the europeans got unleashed on the rest of the world that he just took over the rest of the world shawna asia africa the americas made they could astrup them if there was a one to one man on metro thing but with a fullforce multiplication affect of the sapir weapons i said the europeans moved north and south america which at that time the beginning in 1500 had a population of about fifty fifty million and over that century from 1550 naughty naughty they killed fifty fifty million people but they kept on breeding and so the wasn't so you had no people indigenous people lift in north and south america they just compensated for the fact that been killed a massive right and the only spanish explorers talk of on the amazon river going upstream against the current and going past cities that were bigger than anything in europe and they walked them all out with this pierre weapons and was diseases and as a result of fifty million people being killed in northern south america agriculture stopped enormously the trees came back and the earth's carbon dioxide level dropped only seven paths permitted.

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