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In our newsletter this week there's a headline K. B. B.'s twenty twenty brand image award winners yeah and I thought that meant brand image award that must be the cars that you can buy park in your driveway and have all the neighbors go exactly not exactly now it's it's people's perceptions of of car companies and cars in particular and I pointed that out very strongly and you know what when I see a list like this I often use them because people like list number one but also interest in what's going on in everybody's got a big name and in others I don't agree with much of what they do and I thought this list was a total waste of time but I at least put it in there for you just in case you're wondering but I did explain what it was it's just I mean Tesla was a big walk away a winner come on that that means people's perception test was very good fun I like this was to like real well but you know perception reality aren't always the same thing and it just wanted to point that out let us go to San Antonio Texas and we're gonna talk to John John very good yeah I love your show thank you Sir appreciate you I actually have a couple questions the first one of the most important I'm shopping around for a friend of mine he's got some mobility issues yeah they should be banned for in decades you look at it as Chevy ox servers yeah we went we went to look at it in I'm gonna bring my well the deal was closed and the second option would be a better fit look comfortable to be honest with you getting up into the traverse is a little bit more difficult for get any get any thought on any other options aside from the equinox is what there is in a wheelchair do you need a wheelchair lift right now we don't need to carry one around eleven although you can use all just one just regular with we do not own this trade we're talking motorized I don't drive a lot although he wants to he wants to get a new vehicle so he feels comfortable dragon me in my life out with him to go on you know couple road trips now to get so he doesn't need hand controls or ME I mean we're just talking about the good issue V. that he can put his phone up yep wheel chair in the back that it needs a larger Gelman probably does about three fifteen if I'm gonna be riding with them six one I was really impressed with the legroom that that that that equinox gave in the front and back it's a great issue vis yeah in the last we had our free weekly newsletter this week about the top twenty five issue vis after three months of sales the equinox was number two on the list only behind the Rav four N. I'm shocked I mean it could actually sold well since you came out but it's never been you know number two on the list and and it is part of that is phenomenal incentives so you know I think it's I think it's a good good vehicle you can get a power liftgate that operates from the key fob which would be important for him if he's got mobility issues definitely want a blind spot monitoring perhaps adaptive cruise control and things like that all that's available on the equinox and I tell you that the net that the infotainment screen with all the apps that should be has very very good he can he can put his own apps on there he can mirror his phone got apple CarPlay and android auto really neat features for not a heck of a lot of money Daryl Dixon is my buddy here's the GM it answer a wooden Chevrolet if you will have your friend and you go talk to Daryl is on our website under certified dealers he has a great car these are great car guy and a great guy they're open on Sunday closed on Saturday so you can reach him tomorrow he is part of the answer of family of dealerships thank life is in Jack and the beanstalk and you're not going to just swap accounts for a great cause get help from current USA call one eight hundred ninety six seventy seven seventy seven right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but will the uncertainty of current world news drag down.

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