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That Fork reporter at Fort Reporter I posted a picture of my wife, Tracy, and a little Valentine message that she hasn't seen yet. I don't know. Shop. You pleased or not? We'll test it Anyways. You can find that on Instagram it Fork reporter, but we do some live stuff. Some live instagrams and things like that. Love to have you join us? If you are so interested, you can find us there at Fork reporter. So talking, Tonto. Sean, Shia and Bill Chait, owners of me and and just open their third location in our tea Asia on the 12 just yesterday. Welcome back to the program, Gentlemen. So, uh, what's it like to open? I know you've got Two prior But during the pandemic in the craziness, what's it like to open another restaurant? Well, it's certainly easier now that we have outdoor dining. It was virtually impossible. You know Without that, Giordani I think you know there's no I have some other restaurants and if they've started re opening, there's certainly more trepidation now than before, even even last year when we were allowed to be opened and then closed again. Think this time it's been certainly more severe. The the the emotional damage from the last out of the virus has been been difficult, really, because it seemed like there was a pretty big jump a desire for people to get out. You're finding that people are still little for lack of a better attorney. Gun shy Yeah, I think so. I mean, I think that it was it. Zob Vesely depends on which are the neighborhood you read. But I definitely think this time I feel it is certainly people are more more cautious than been before. But I do agree with you on people do want to get out. Oh, yeah. There's you know, there's a constant drumbeat, you know, in the media about you know the dangers. You know, you don't really hear the opposite on sleepers was really no upside in expressing the officer Bill, you said it. I mean, it's frustrating The kind of fearmongering that goes on I get it. We need to be very careful. I am I am with my family. I stay home. Where masks if I have to have any interaction, and I recommend everybody doing the same and to be a safest possible What toe live based on fear is always a weird notion to me. And during, you know this time of the Lunar New year during this this, you know, Season of love and all these things going on. How do you You know how to shuffle Enjoy. Who would opening or to even your other restaurants, enrolling heights and in our teacher. How do you find ways to incorporate that joy into the food? Sean Buddy of Take a stab of that one. Yes, it is a very challenging time and unique experience. Once a restaurant operators um the lunar you new New Year is, you know the biggest Holiday for our Chinese and Chinese American communities, So we still want to celebrate that. But at the same time we have to take you know certain procedures and steps and And to ensure First of all, you know, the safety off our customers and our employees are the most important things. So we, you know, we make sure we sanitize the restaurant sanitize our, you know, take out. Packages. Make sure everything is done correctly. But at the same time spiritually you know, we still want, you know, remind everyone. Hey, this is you know, this is the new year. And it's It's a new beginning. A fresh start and you know the pet that pandemic started last. You know, the New New Year Chinese New Year time. So we think you know now it's another year, so we hope everything's going to change. Now. Everything is going to get better. Aziz. I talked about earlier. It was one of the first. Um, a cultural and large scale events that was affected. By the pandemic. You know, you come out of it. New year we were were fined the traditional new year for people that the beginning January done. No problem. Going toe. February, you start getting into the first holiday, which Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year, and it was the first time we started thinking while we've got to do this different, I want to ask you, Shawn, because I'm loving seeing people posts this stuff on Instagram. Um as ah, Chinese American What are some of your favorite memories as a child of Lunar New Year and the food's on the envelopes and the things Share some of that with people that may not be familiar. Yes, I am. I spent my 1st 18 years in China, And then I spent my next 18 years in the U. S. So I've spent the equal amount of time in these two countries and you know the Chinese, Delia is again the biggest Holiday for us, and it's you know, it's it's sort of a holiday. That's Combined. It's a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas in the states, So it's a time for all family members to get together and we way celebrate for entire week. No date one. You know, it's the family members sitting all together, share a meal and day, too. You know that we visit friends, and it's also celebrated by the the younger the kids. The younger people in the family. Greeting the elders in the family. And, you know we wish each other a healthy and happy and prosperity Peritus year and then the elders will, you know? Then give the Youngers the red envelope. With, you know, with cash. As you know, it's also a sign of, you know, thankful off off wishes. I love that passing on that prosperity. Well, obviously, prosperity is something that's blooming with you two, gentlemen, Sean and Bill from me. And now, Of course you have South Street there in our Tisha, you've got Colima road, Enrolling heights. Now the new one is 301 West Valley Boulevard Suite 114 and 115 and San Gabriel, I. I wish you guys the best in this new year in years to come, instagram, you can find them. At M I A n underscore taste m I A and underscore taste and can't wait to have you gentlemen actually in the studio once we get back to those types of things But she she need and I appreciate you guys coming on and enjoy the new year. Thanks so much. I'm thinking you and we hope to see you at the restaurant. Oh, I would love that. Trust me. I would love that. Now. I'm craving it today. So thanks so much. Yeah, have a wonderful new year. It is the fourth report on Neil surveyed Ra. Let's get the latest news now with late Layla Mohammed. In that case, if I newsroom The Senate.

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