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I gotta stop using these big words in here. i. I mean. I'm driven always off. But yeah but just. He doesn't like a guy that needs to be in front of in the media. Spotlight all that much. I respected that. I found the quote from the trip in two thousand fifteen in an interview with markelle bali. And you know he says I grew up a steelers fan once. You're a steelers fan. It's hard to get that out of your blood. I am a big rothlisburger fan. That same too. I really like bed. He will be in that hall of fame some day so i i think it's a true true me yet this all by. Yeah that'll make sense to me at the right boom k. Didn't want to believe in it so it's true. Welcome to the show. Yes all right. Let's let's go onto up messages. Came in all right. We're the next topic is of course we've had our first weekend of college football in that means we got to keep our eye on. Who's going to replace big man. It's not gonna be haskins or mace. So everyone's been keeping the is out on the next steelers franchise quarterback okay. We've got the tweet. Here's from tommy. Jaggi hook he goes. Keep your eyes on on him. Steelers fans he could be on our radar in two thousand twelve. We're talking about liberty quarterback maleek willis. Okay i mean. I i find that particular name interesting just because you know what little. I've looked at quarterbacks for the next that are gonna graduate next year which means i've tried to avoid it yet have been unable to It seems to be that this willis is someone that's going to be like in the middle of after the big big names go and i'm just fascinated by the idea about while you're fantasizing you're already compromising we're not to get the best guys but those next best guys. Here's here's our own michael beck at fifty-six he's he's weighing in my favorite cube prospect for the steelers is since he's desmond ritter. Ooh okay. I mean i i i do love i mean look at not to be the perfectly superficial fan. I love the name if they pick that guy. He's great y'all people showing up and like black and gold ridler outfits with like the question marks and all that that would be fantastic. Oh i just thought. I mean that's the first thing i thought of which shows how i've done everything i can to avoid thinking about. Who will be the next young man to be the franchise quarterback for this football team. How about this. We've got This is this is great for the jerseys. We've got at miked up sports one. Okay when i think steelers qb there's one guy that jumps off the page. Dj you will you. you'll let gallegly from clemson. I mean while. I would love to hear everyone with the pittsburgh accent. Try to pronounce that name. I feel like. I was at the gym on saturday and every time i looked up i think i saw him throw another interception or make another misplayed against georgia. You'd have to love the daily perogie ya and then of course you're cj helpmann with the steelers will continue their mac love by drafting dustin crom next. Qb more. mac cincy mac. I thought since he was mad but they might be conference usa or the all american conference or they might change. What conference are by the time we put this podcast up. It seems like this thing shift salat. Oh i know conference shift the in the hourglass all right. Let's get to our hero of the week. Here on twitter it's gotta be minka fitzpatrick at At mink fits underscore twenty one. Okay this season. On pledging thirty nine dollars for every tackle i make in turnover. I force to help foster children through at kids voice. Pa see that's great because it gives. He puts the money behind every tackle. It's not just when they make a big player when they do something great. It's like no no no when just through the course of doing their job..

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