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Kinda. I'm taking these white ones. Misery and house wants this judge. I think josh is gonna smell like josh. If you come away this fit does it looks like it's going to be a dx swearing that this is going to be easy debut. He's gonna wear tomorrow. Okay okay look. I think bob bomb this shape. What was the focused got. It's like turning the world. Read like some fucking whole lot. Read it maybe to africa. The worldwide lockdown. Is it really. I don't know why showing the continent of apple it is. It's just africa on the map. This is kind of weird. I'll take you gotta analyze symbolism. Now it's the whole world is just showing african the front. Yeah i got to. I got too much to just take any shit. Unless i really like it. You you need the the paid promo feature you know hundred bucks speaking of that dude this guy pay me to promo his shoes and like so many people in the comments like oh. You should a yeah. They'll shit sucked but like whatever like you know. Do this guy. I mean this The comments are just like. Oh my god your job with so much better like you follow this. I might bro. I in cash in this is paid promotion and not affiliated with my brand like unique is now. That's the thing is once you start really having your own brand calling. Connor is not taking a little tiny bag to put somebody shoes on his story. Because like i got a certain point like with the brand. Maybe you gotta start saying no to certain things for sure. But like i think it really came into fruition with this particular situation when i just realized that like i'm just gonna have it for a day or two you know he's going to pay me a pretty good amount. I gonna damn near like pay my rent with just with. Just one post on a leave of for two days but it's like brand. Did i really destroy brand not at all. No no no but you're start but people winning people starting to learn really do shit people really like just take it for face value. They don't fuck in like analyze anything and it could cause some confusion. I don't want anybody thinking that. Some random ashes market so not doing it anymore. You might have to think about like you know the same way that you could sell averse to anybody but if all of a sudden when you search house one on spotify all these wax features with due to paid for plays but you ever had that happen to you. Somebody does on. Fridays music. Livestream fridays. I'm also sure i'm using after this. I'm gonna start doing friday streams of to let's go below but yeah no but then but think about someone like rio. Who is like bro. He has so many random features that like actually put the other artists on and fucking like fans of multiple random rappers from michigan that. Because i heard them with a real song and the verse was actually good. It was fires foot. Do someone on the street either day. This white kid kinda fucking. He had a song with louis ray and it was fucking gas low key flint. Boys turn down features. they're definitely serve. And that's what i'm saying. So it's like bro. Like honestly like when i made that post dude even people were talking shit. He probably made so much money off. That post like that like this kid was a good investment for him. You know do like snot was in the comments like this. These are penis and then and then fucking somebody else Detail exists and sydney pairs. No that's actually really hard actually to take that from me. Real quick he wrote ask key showed off vagabond forever on instagram. But it might be foreign ever be unless he just is really bad. Spelling says tag worn ever vagabond foreign. Ever okay shirt. I actually just like you know. There's actually analyze it a little kid with the about to be destroyed by skull the mess. That's actually hard is that you're going to die in the near future and Be worried i want to show is giving me mad. Dogs lives he. Looks like maddox all this stuff with tiger and stuff. This is from at eminence underscore. Nyc if you mess with the drip have you follow a spam us. And we'll send you in house phone the real drip us. It is not even a real job you on this one of the real dri. I wonder what the what is the real we got real drip I like that. They're taking it really serious if they got their shit embroidered on the real. Got get tags and shit. This logo is kind of like amateur. Like i'm designing for the local football team like i'm just being honest but but like you know you could. You could rework dad. He said he got the real drifts. So local football team with you is that where are you calling them a blackout on that is that that's his nickname. That's i kinda forgot about. Why call them on. I don't know now now bowl. Eighty matt damon. Yeah we have a song again. What do you mean by his name. And there's a song that this kid made for us said mad dame it's because yuri shadow out of twenty two in the game and we just we just listened to so many times even though it's objectively one of the war songs ever and you get tell he's just reading matt damon's wikipedia article and the names of different movies. That is amazing. That's pretty funny. Because matt damon started fubu way. Why no was. It was thought the white actor matt damon and started grand. Fubu for you keep in mind. The yuri was trotting around for years wearing fubu. And i go. You know what food means. He goes oh someone told me that it actually means like four us by us and you don't know that it was started by budget young entrepreneurs in the nineties and it was like one of the biggest black hold onto the times. I who am one of the guys is shark tank right what. What is his name though damon. Someday that was the thing that confused is that one of the is damon matt name black adam song to yeah designed guy black them slip blackout. Maybe someone should black history month. No no no no meaning god what maybe put a blackout booze boring or something that you guys pay for promo before. This actually looks pretty cool. I'm gonna book. Yeah this guy's pay for pro before it's taboo is his brand Yeah honestly like. I've seen the sheriff design seeing a couple other ones. Honestly it's cool. It's like giving me like a vintage almost like nascar something vibe or something like that makes you around nascar with fast car if you don't if you don't that was a great you've ever done it. I'm not running nascar with fast car in the song. I don't know i don't know anything. I can't think his translation that just meant. I don't know you putting the shirt over. Your head was kind of a new because before it was just him pulling his hoodie strings hiding inside his city because it was so high on air dam. One blunt does does that for you. I'm gonna redo that beat reading. Lasko nascar nascar that was a great tribes. Puerta interview came out to sit back to back. Kevin travis porter young l. a. as soon as i do the timestamps all kinds of other on the way well this fire row. I forgot about how gases song was. Thank you the packers nine. It was like some random nigger from the bay company. Yep oh not at random to get my back to finding. It looked like it was like a long guy's name right there so i was like company taboo. I'm keeping this again. I think i might have one of these. Emma honestly already a box. It was just an inside it. No no bomb tonight. Oh it's multiple fox somewhere to go just know year and we might not be streaming tonight too hot. No because we're gonna go smoke marijuana some gross. Let your isn't doing anything. Yeah dislikes us already. A beer local forever local forever. This is because i've seen you okay. This bill clinton or jeffrey bill clinton wearing a fucking grass. But this is the painting that they showed in the jeffrey epstein had this actually. i'm good. You actually had this bill that in his office or whatever so when you went into his house got confronted with disturbing image. This is jeffrey epstein house. I don't know where to go. I love my sunglasses. I just can't see shit.

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