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And even about a thousand seventy. Corwin hake. Komo news. I can't. Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on KOMO news. Here's your KOMO propel insurance money update on ABC. News Wall Street now stocks closed higher as the market regained a bit of the ground that it's launched this month. The Dow soared four hundred thirty two points, the NASDAQ rose one hundred eleven and the s&p closed up forty one Harley Davidson is recalling nearly one hundred seventy eight thousand motorcycles in the US because they can get stuck in a gear due to a clutch problem. The recall covers twenty-six models from the twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen model years ice cream maker, Ben and Jerry, no stranger to politics is unveiling a limited batch flavor began resist ahead of the midterm elections. Daria Albinger, ABC news. Type one diabetes which used to be called juvenile diabetes is becoming much more prevalent. We have about a million and a quarter type one people in the United States on. Unfortunately, it's growing at a rate. Unlike we've seen in the past which is common and abroad set of autoimmune diseases and and raises concerns for us. Dr Aaron Kurowski of the J D R F says it requires patients to use insulin either injected or pumped in order to survive. He says genetics plays a big role in the development of the disease. But so do environmental triggers, and researchers are trying to figure out which one's more than ninety percent of children on earth, breathe polluted air, and it's putting their health at risk. A new report from the World Health Organization says that amounts to one point eight billion people under the age of fifteen and it's a contributing factor in one out of every ten deaths for children under five health update. Sara Lee Kessler NBC News Radio. The Halloween Wednesday night. Parents will be looking to keep trick or treating fun and safe. And we have to health alerts for parents. Now, the first concern is for people who will be out trick or treating study released found that pedestrian deaths. Go up forty three percent on Halloween night kids between the ages of foreign aid were most at risk because they're most likely to get excited and lose track of how dangerous cars are may. Remember a seven year old Tacoma boy was hit by a drunk driver. But he crossed the street last year on Halloween night he survived but had serious injuries. The second alert is for anyone who might have medicine in their house. Experts say young kids can confuse pills for candy, and it's important to keep medicine out of their reach CDC says parents should keep medications. Locked up out of reach make sure your kids know, they aren't safety. Eat the food and drug administration's giving new orders to hair dye makers to get rid of the lead the agency handed down a final rule for all lead acetate to be removed from hair coloring. Products. L officials say the move is based on new scientific data showing there's no reasonable certainty that the additive is not harmful companies have one year to remove all lead acetate from their products..

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