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Know what cancel culture. I don't understand why those double standards of the people who were so angry at me quite rightly saw at against cancel culture, but they want me canceled. So there's so many double standards. But at the end of the day, take responsibility for what you see. And if for upsets, people have every right to be upset. And if people who are fans who may not want to come back to my shorts, and that's the right. But it's also my right to apologize and explain the stupidity of me. And as I say, I would love it if somebody could explain how certain politicians are held to higher standard of than me. Well, I always like to hold politicians to high standards when I can get them on to come on to any of the programs I host. Jamie godley, thank you very much. Thank you very much for talking to us so openly today about every aspect of your life and the year that was all the best for the procedure next year. Thank you very much. Thank you. A message just coming in here with regards to Christmas and your plans and where you're at with all of this. A message here from Angela a hero now of mine. I often remind non mask wearing people on public transport about wearing one. I do it politely aware they may be exempt, but I find that most people reach into their pocket and put a mask on. I recently got an entire male basketball squad on the tube to do this. I figure they couldn't all be exempt. One reached into his rucksack brought out a pack of face masks which were handed to those who forgotten theirs. We need to keep others safe and ourselves too. Angela, thank you very much for that. We did have a very interesting conversation. I remember towards the start of the year about how you have those difficult conversations. Should you have those difficult conversations? I feel like we're back at that point. So thank you very much for that message indeed. Well, my next guest has a big week with a career in space funning almost two decades Arduino Paisley has designed and tested missiles to interplanetary spacecraft. She's the director of space programs at the telecommunications company in Mossad and this week is responsible for a major launch from Japan where she joins me live. Good morning, aduna..

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