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Our robotic compatriots are going to be increasingly the places that we turn for information and they are going to serve as a kind of perceptual spree right right now it'll be prescreening the information that we're exposed to end whatever biases are either built into the or that emerge as a consequence save the biases that the programmers reason of the source material are going to be filtering what we regard as reality yeah i this i would like to put the hell out yet but i think a not to be reductive but to be a little reductive here i think it's important people say oh that's that's a program this is artificial intelligence it's a robot no ultimately you are asking the information of a person this is what separates human beings death from not only robots but animals i only say what i know i only say what i know well here's the thing what separates human beings right this is because the credit method i i had this debate one time in college what makes a human being because we were talking about veganism the big difference between us an animals and the same thing that you would even say with robots regardless of how far it official intelligence goes it's okay the ability to rationalize will hold on maybe artificial intelligence can rationalize its the will to it's the will to learn it's the will to rationalize but maybe artificial intelligence no artificial intelligence cannot not question its own programming unless it's been programmed to question in his own programming yet and that's all understand really engage in at least at the moment it can't engage in learning guy along with light you know when when alexis de jesus christ was a fictional character you didn't get to say here's ten reasons why you're wrong that you should now take into account.

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